What's Up?'s New Pet

WHAT'S UP?! I came as soon as I heard!

Yes I just got a call from the pet store and my snake owners license has been cleared.

Words like that are music to my ears. Let's see the beastly serpent!


I named him Manpower because it was a macho name like Rambo or Dolph but it really lets people know it's macho.

Well, Manpower certainly isn't the name of a snake who will cry at the end of Moulin Rouge!

Thats not true, it takes a big man to keep to himselfbut it takes a bigger man to let his feelings show my friend Gary told me that. Im sure Rambo cries sometimes I just know it!

He is really fonking in this picture he was pretending he was listening to Gwar.

I wish I had some Gwar Armor.

One time we flooded the cavern under our basement and I got in a row boat and fed him unpeeled oranges.

That's a WHALE of a tale.

And here is a picture of him in his firebird form I must say it was quite the shock when we discovered this

I wouldn't want to give a hug to a firebird.



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