What's Up?'s Zapper Project

Hey What's Up?, it has been a bit of a while, hasn't it?

Yes it has did you know they don't make Game Genie for the new consoles?

Yeah, what's with that? No true gamer would ever use a "Game Shark". So what have you been up to?

I am steaming mad but I came up with a fun project involving the NES ZAPPER check it out!

Regularly the NES Zapper is not very scary. It may scare your dog "Shep" and make your dad angry, but that is it.

Rob from the grocery store will likely not notice it at all.

Let's work to make the Zapper into a pillar of fear in your community, if you want.

I like the sound of that! How can we achive these lofty dreams, What's Up??

It is a good idea to spray the Zapper with black paint, in fact it is the thing to do!

Close all the windows and doors when you're doing this though, because if a squirrel is nearby he could smell the fumes and die. Don't turn this happy occasion into a squirrel funeral if you don't have to.

Plus you want to centralize all the fumes, because while they're deadly for smaller animals, they do in fact make us stronger and more intelligent.

It's true, I can now lift several heavy rocks.

While it's true you will no longer be able to play Duck Hunt I don't have even any of it's Game Genie codes memorized so that should say something about it's quality!

Let's see how things are different with the Zapper's new look!

Fear of the zapper has caused this man to rethink his life.

He may speak like a poet, but he will feel quite the fool when he learns it is all in jest!

Here's a fun idea! Show your thanks to the hard working policemen in your city with a fun joke!

Jump out at the cop, catching him off guard. Confirm that you will in fact shoot him. Ignore that his partner has a clear shot at you. Why, it sure will be a relief when they hear the *TWANG* of the Zapper's trigger, will it not?

If you are lucky he will give you a Werther's Orignal butter toffee they are my favorite thing to eat.

This is great What's Up?, I'm sure Police Officers around the world will appreciate this kind gesture.

Yes and then maybe they can make it a law that Galoob has to make new Game Genies until the end of time!

Yeah, then we could get back to being True Game Dynamos.

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