A lot of internet websites have mascots. None that I can think of right now but I'm sure a lot do because it's fun to have a mascot. I like to have fun so I decided to make myself a mascot.

I didn't want to be all lame and take a character from some other game as a mascot. That kinda shit flew at the old 8-Bit Toaster, but NO MORE, NOT AT SWEETBEE'S GAME HIVE!!! Anyway, a few weeks ago I drew a picture of a dinosaur with a big explosive word bubble exlaiming "WHAT'S UP?" I pictured the dinosaur saying it in a raspy, Bulbasaurish voice and thought it was really cute. Later on I thought, hey, what a perfect mascot for my site! That was yesterday and although I didn't have a scanner, I did have 15 minutes and Microsoft Paint.

And so it goes. The drawing was better but I think this gets the point across too. What does this have to do with videogames? He's holding an NES controller in his hand! And he chomped off the wire too! And the other end is causing a fire! How cool is that!?

Seriously for a second, I'd like to note this isn't a play on those stupid Budweiser ads. It's WHAT'S UP? and not Wuzzzap and those damn commercials wern't funny to begin with.

Here is an interview I conducted with WHAT'S UP? for the site. I hope you enjoy it rigorously.

Q: How's it going?
A: Good.
Q: What is your favorite game?
A: Princess Tomato In The Salad Kingdom.
Q: I've never played that game but I imagine it's great. What is your favorite thing to do?
A: Going to the GameFaq's Princess Tomato In The Salad Kingdom board with you.
Q: Yes, that is always a good time. What's your favorite song?
A: Take On Me
Q: Is A-HA your favorite band?
A: I haven't eaten in days.

How about that? I conducted a second interview with him later. It's really cool.

A: Hi. I was just building a Lego Tower.
Q: Is it a set or are you just building on your own.
A: I'm building it on my own. It sounded like a challange.
Q: Wanna go to Wisconson with me and buy $800 worth of fireworks?
A: Ok, let's have a roman candle fight.

We did and it was fun. The end.

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