Past Updates


Welcome to my new house. Can you smell the cinnamon candles I lit?

I was feeling kind of guilty about putting stuff like this up on someone else's dime, so I decided I should bite the bullet and pay for my own webspace. I can't imagine Dreamhost would be particularly happy about the shit I do either, but I'm paying them, so no guilt! Also, it is nice having my own domain name, although I would like to meet the motherfuckers who left me having to put a dash between sweet and bee by taking the .com, .net, and .org of just plain Sweetbee.

You might assume that I would treat you to a plethora of new content with the move to a new address. Well, the answer is "kind of." Killdozer's Krib is now hosted on-site rather than at Geocities, with an all new introduction page and three previously unseen Lost Tales that will make you feel the fire. I tried to get rid of all instances of "teh" "hay" and the suffix of "-ar" used in place of "-er", so if I missed any of them please let me know.

All Killdozer content that used to be on Sweetbee's Game Hive has now been integrated into the original site, including the links page. Which means that this site has a fresh new links page! Did your site make the cut? Take a look and find out!

Alright, I think that's everything. Have a good one.


In today's new Sweetbee Adventure, we learn the tragic fate of an old Kool Aid BBS I used to run. This mad cap story is even set to music (if you want)!


Two dogshit licensed games I played when I was little are having their day in the sun in an all new edition of Game Boy Colorizations!


Not liking Nintendo in today's Ten Second Game Review update.


Two new Ten Second Game Reviews, I think they suck but maybe someone will enjoy them. Let no part of the buffalo go to waste, they say, and I'm serving up a big plate of lung meat right here.


Today in the Art Gallery, Link finds motivation for a new adventure before having his soul crushed.


Okay everyone, the content monster has roared and his call brings something new. Anyone confused as to which way I sway will be driven to puzzled tears as they try to wrap their mind around Celebrity Gossip 3: SweetBeetsy's Stud Report.


A quick look at my referrals has shown that I now have fan-art! Thank you to Toader who saw fit to honor the memory of Tarantula with this very cute piece. Make sure to check out the rest of her stuff, it's all pretty good.

I will do a legitimate update when I have paid "Silkworm" back his $10,000. Man, that was a Halloween to remember!


A special Halloween Sweetbee Adventure is here, choose your own spooky path and get real freaked out.


Because I have nothing better to do love you all, here's a new Ten Second Review and Sweetbee Adventure 8: A Visit With an Owl!


Alright you hounds, I got a new Art Gallery piece featuring Shenmue, and I got a new Sweetbee Adventure that I may go to Hell for writing and finding funny. Who knows!


Peep today's Art Gallery update, it's a keeper.


There is something new and profane in the Art Gallery.


Oh hi! I've been gone for awhile, and I spent every last second of my absence colorizing some new Game Boy screenshots for you to look at. Check 'em out!


Brand new feature today! Check out Ten Second Game Reviews and get (poorly) informed!


Super Munchers is featured in today's Art Gallery update, and there is also a new Diary Entry I forgot to post about two days ago. Chomp 'em.


New Diary entry up! Tell a friend and a fiend.


Lolo and Zelda each laid a fresh egg for the Art Gallery.


Check out today's all new Diary entry.


Today there is a rad new contribution in the Art Gallery from Colin C (Sellrabbitshere on the forum). Check it, don't wreck it.


Peep the award I just won in the Site Bio page, and then reap a brand new Zelda piece in Art Gallery.


I've really strained myself today, with an update for each of the two easiest sections to create new material for. Check out a brand new piece in The Art Gallery along with another Diary Entry.


There are two new Game Ideas for you to enjoy with your mum on this very happy Mother's Day.


Peep and beep a nice new diary entry tonight.

When will I do something game related again? Once the wounds have healed.


T-t-t-two meaty updates in one for you all today. Check out a brand new edition of Celebrity Rumors along with a fresh Diary entry!


The week ends with one last Diary entry. I probably won't update it quite as frequently after this, I just didn't want the new section to look bare like a certain old Mrs. Hubbard's cupboard.


What's that? You want to read a new Diary entry?



The Diary has been updated with a partially true story.


A brand new day brings a brand new section! Check out the all new Sweetbee Diary! It's like Bridget Jones's diary, except with less men named Darcy and more headbutt injuries.


It was pretty much the first thing I put on the site, and now it's finally finished. Check out the epic, three part finale of the Action 52 feature right away!


It's once, twice, seventeen times the dog shit in today's Action 52 update.


The sick rodeo that is my Action 52 feature nears it's close with the astounding seventh installment. Gasp at three more reviews and Action 52 diary entries.


Another session of extreme self harm has come to a close, and from it I have produced two more fresh Action 52 reviews.


After a long hiatus, I return with three new Action 52 reviews. Watch me sink lower and lower as I return into the arms of the 52 worst games ever produced!


I've finished applying the new design to the rest of the site, so if you were dying to visit the Three Mangy Dudes or read about Hollywood Squares against a beautiful blue grid, your time has come.

Also, happy (late) 5th birthday to the Killdozer's Krib website. Show that dead 'n dusty old chunk of internet it lives on in your heart by clicking the Killdozer button of the side bar. It is the 90's 00's and there is time for Klax Killdozer.


As you might notice, the site is currently under going yet another (probably final) redesign, as I was never completely happy with the last one. As of now I only have the index page finished, but I hope to have the rest of the pages completed within the next few days. If you have any feedback regarding the new design, check out the forums or shoot me an email.


Art Gallery.



A look at The Legend of Zelda: Outlands has been posted to the Game House section.


New in the Funky Tymes section is a tale of a lost legend that will soon rise from it's grave.


Five days of unrelenting Art Gallery updates come to an end with a shocking new Balloon Fight piece.


Guess what?

"Another Art Gallery update?"



Chalk up another one for the Art Gallery!


Things get wet, wAckY, and wild in the Art Gallery when mallet master Gallagher and the Hammer Bros. finally meet!!!



Happy Valentine's Day, all.

Guess what? I finally put up a new Site Bio! You should go read it. It's WILD, WILD, WILD like the wind.


Now that it's 2006, the original arcade version of Rygar should be enjoying it's 20th birthday sometime this year.

I've never played much of the arcade game, so instead let's celebrate the 19th anniversary of it's younger NES brother with the newly added Rygar Shrine!

There's a walkthrough, maps, scans of the Official Nintendo Player's Guide Rygar section, a short story by Rygar himself, and more within.




Happy new year lads and badds.

There is a new piece of Super Mario Bros. festering in le Art Gallery.


Eric Roman has once again donated an ultra new sexy piece for the Art Gallery.


I have added a few more Switched at Birth entries to feed you hungry birds.


Also swagger into the Art Gallery for a Legend Of Zelda piece that's bound to become a classic.


Check out our new Switched at Birth page in the Fun Tymes section.


New today is an ultra-fruity new redesign based on Prince's Parade album and an ultra-grizzled new Three Mangy Dudes tale in the Funky Tymes Playplace to balance it out. For once in the site's history, the fonts and banners are actually consistent with each other! So if you were losing sleep over smooth helvetica suddenly turning into times new roman, worry no more.

I'm not gonna bother redesigning the forums to match because my EZboard gold status ran out, and it is a terrible place to be now.

I have also found that the site FAQ thing is now missing. I'll write up a new one later.


I deleted the Archives section, as I never did anything with it and nothing in it was particularly good.

"Well Hobbes, by that logic you may as well delete the whole site!"



Today in the Art Gallery, I enter the powerfully embarassing realm of pseudo-legitimate video game fan art.


The REAL Solid Snake returns today in a two part epic in The Art Gallery.


The third and possibly final GB Colorization update has been added, with screenshots for Final Fantasy Adventure, Donkey Kong '94, Bubble Ghost, Revenge of the Gator, and more Castlevania Adventure.

In my Lament of Innocence review, I stated that the game was "hardly that much better" than the original Game Boy Castlevanias. I realize now that isn't true. Castlevania Adventure, while not a particularly good game, is still more enjoyable and challenging than LOI, and Belmont's Revenge is actually a pretty decent little title. I don't really remember Legends all that well, but it certainly didn't leave much of an impression, so I wouldn't be surprised if LOI has that one beat, at least.


The Game Boy Colorization page has been updated with screens from The Castlevania Adventure.


Two updates in as many days? That's right, it's Christmas time in June as I fruitlessly colorize a duo of fantastic (Well, okay, one of them's pretty adequate) Game Boy games in the GAME HOUSE!


New in the Non Game section is an article that contains no hastily drawn MS Paint fan "art". CHEQUE IT OUT.


Stumbling into town just like a sacred cow is another art gallery addition.


Sweetbee's Game Hive once again has it's very own forums. It's an EZboard, but you don't need to be registered to post, so stop in if you wish!


Happy Valentine's Day, my children.

For all the lovers out there, I have posted a heartwarming new piece of Resident Evil 4 fan art in the art gallery!

Also, I have changed the email link from to If you sent an email to the former address and I haven't replied, you may want to resend it to the new one.


Happy new year, lovelies.

You should all go and check out Eric Roman's newly relaunched DRACULA'S CURSE THE PAGE! to celebrate 2005 in sheer style and elegance.


A special Halloween update has been added to the Art Gallery! Six sexy new pieces are ready and waiting to tease and please you into a state of orange and black bliss.


Another MAD piece of work is stinking up the Art Gallery with EXCELLENCE!


A new update in, you guessed it! The art galllery! A staggering total of one new piece has been added, that took me an astounding total of five minutes to draw and color!



Even though you did poorly on Tony M's iggnant quiz, it reminded me to at long last add your site to the links page (Sorry it took me so long.).

Also, I am sorry I made fun of you for liking Prince in High School. Seeing as I now own pretty much his entire discography, I think you might've been right on that one (Grafitti Bridge still sucks, though!).

And so ends another astonishing Sweetbee's Game Hive update. Now get out!


There's a good chance anybody who reads the site and doesn't visit won't get this, but since I haven't updated in awhile and have nothing else to add, please check out Tony M's Iggnant Quiz.


Dear Diary,

I just put up a picture of an Octorok making out with a Semi-Truck in the art section! Just between you and I, I think it's the maddest piece of fanart ever devised!

I also took down the collection page, because I don't own many video games anymore and the ones I do aren't that interesting.


I figured out I could just reactivate Killdozer so I deleted the last update. Thank goodness it's back!

I also updated the links page a bit by updating some current links and deleting some dead ones.


I'm going to once again use the oft neglected main page of my site to advertise some auctions I have up on the seldom neglected Ebay. This'll be the last time since I'm pretty much rendering my collection page obsolete with this latest batch. Most notably, all my NES stuff is up and the Famicom games will soon follow. I'm pretty sure that I'll one day marry a wealthy spinster named Mrs. Megabuxxx (Played by Judith Light in her most shoulder pad intensive role since the 80's.) and be able to buy it all back, but since that's probably a couple years off I may as well make some money off of what I have now.


The collection page has been updated, and I will be touching up the links page a little later as well.


I decided to crawl out of hibernation on this very special Mother's Day to provide you all with a thoughtful review of the final episode of Friends. Even if you hated Friends, go and read it anyway, as it will astound you regardless.


I noticed the site doesn't look very good on Mozilla at an 800x600 resolution, so I'm going through the pages and making some cosmetic changes to the banner tables here and there and making sure the fonts are consistent. I also used it as an excuse to update the Site Q & A section, so if you want to read about what my favorite songs are or something, rip into that shit like a hungry lion.


Well, it was bound to happen and today it did, I crashed my poor, poor Mazda into a parked van (My windows had fogged over while I was driving and I couldn't see a thing, and I rammed into the back of it while I was attempting to pull over.). However, unlike I predicted, I didn't die and am far from being #1 at the bank, so hop on over to Ebay to buy some stuff I have for sale. My insurance will cover some, but not all of the damage I did to my car, so I can use a little extra income.


By the by, if David Bowie's Reality tour comes to your town, pick up some tickets (they're probably still available) and treat yourself to one hell of a show. He was in fine form in Minneapolis sunday night, putting on what was by far the best concert I've seen yet. You'll have to sit through Macy Gray, who's opening for him, but even she wasn't as bad as I would've thought.


I realize it is both sad and disgusting that I haven't posted an update in nearly three months, other than taking the role of a Scrooge and ripping away your precious Japanese Commercials right in the middle of the holidays. In the time that's gone by, I beat and gained valuable knowledge from Mario's Time Machine, and I even saw Macy Gray through a pair of binoculars. Both achivements will be placed on my gravestone when I die, right where they belong.

Anyway, there are two wonderful new pieces up in the Art Gallery. Check them out, and I'll get back to you soon.


The Japanese Commercials have been taken down.


Check out the Game House for my thoughts on Castlevania: Lament of Innocence and the state of the Castlevania series as of late. (I wasn't really happy with the article, so I've made a few changes since I posted it initially.)


More in The Archives today! Check out Nutty Navy, a short but horrifying exercise in the sport of EXTREME idiocy.


An all new section has been added! Check out the Archives section for The Punk Pages.


Further cosmetic changes are currently in progress. New banners for each section of the site will be up soon! New content updates will be up shortly after the new graphics are all up and running.

I noticed EGM made a teensy little joke about the Hollywood Squares NES game in their latest issue. I sincerely doubt that they were ripping off this site in any way, especially since it was just a tiny blurb, but just in case someone's just coming across my article on it and thinks I'm ripping EGM off, I'd like to note that I've had that up since December of 2001. On the rare occasions I do joke reviews, I try hard to make sure it's not about a game that's been shit upon a million times before, so I'd hate for someone to think I just found out about the game from some magazine.


The site's theme has been changed in tribute to the Sign O' The Times album, which I heard for the first time a year ago today. Plus, I'm sure we were all getting sick of backgrounds the color of something the Velveteen Rabbit might cough up.

The guestbook has been taken down as it deleted a bunch of older postings and doesn't seem to accept new ones. Maybe I'll find a new one, maybe I won't (It's not like it was getting signed like mad, anyhow.)

Expect content updates later today, or if not, sometime during the week.


The Japanese Commercial page has been updated with a link, some bad news, and a few previously available files. Sorry!

Some good news for the THRIFTY tots in the house. Skies of Arcadia: Legends for the GameCube and Panzer Dragoon Orta for X-Box are both currently only $9.99 with free shipping at, and Ikaruga is available for only $19.99, also with free shipping. These games are all still full price everywhere else I've checked, so hop on over to the site if any of those interest you.


The fact I spent my saturday night bored and alone is great for you, as there are now eight fantastic new pieces in the Art Gallery!


In the Non-Game section today is the very last Killdozer adventure, Killdozer In Heaven.

By the way, don't buy Mega Man NT, it's not very good.


I've been playing Mega Man Network Transmission over the past few days, and I think it's interesting that it's been getting a rep as a hugely difficult game from various sources, when it has got to be the easiest Mega Man game I've ever played. And I don't even pretend I'm good at video games. I wonder what's up with that?


Two new Japanese Commercials are up today. I was getting close to filling up my webspace, so fewer commercials will be up at a time from now on.

I just want everyone to know how happy I am today because tonight Paisley fuckin' Park will be opening it's doors for a party I am sure to dominate. Well, not really, but it'll be cool to be inside of Paisley Park instead of going there late every Sunday night, sitting outside of the fence and rubbing my hands together like a hungry fly.


Join us in the art gallery once again for two amazing new pieces by the BEE himself. Yes, that's me. Art updates are ever so much fun.


I've been awake for 36 hours now and at about hour 33 I produced not one, but TWO works of amazing Urban Champions fan art, both of which can be enjoyed in the Art Gallery.


There are a grand total of 5 new pieces as well as a new banner featuring the greatest picture of Prince in existance in the Art Gallery. I'm sure some of the new ones look borderline insane. They probably are, considering I hadn't slept in 24 hours when I made them. The collection page has also been updated, so check that out too, I guess.

Last update I forgot to mention that I closed the EZBoard, although I'm sure anyone who visited the board knows that... Contrary to how I made it sound on the announcment there, I'll still pop by the other boards every now and then, I just felt mine would be better off closed for the time being.


Hot off the presses is a brand new Sweetbee Adventure entitled "Do You Want To Know Baron?", a randy tale with a surprise twist ending. Check that out in the Non-Game section.


I decided to try something new and make a new theme for the month of June. Something of a cutesy little crayon look, and a little bit of Dracula thrown in for good measure. I may continue this in months to come if I feel like it.


Check out the Art section for some masterpieces, or should I say NASTerpieces from special guest artist Eric Roman.

Also check out the collection section for a much less amazing update.


Sorry, no real updates right now, but in the meantime it's very important that you take a look at this: PLEASE CLICK HERE. SINCERLY -RJ "2003"

'"HULK HOGAN: HULK RULES" brings a new dimension to the Hulkamania phenomenon, as the huge pythons wrap themselves around the world of music and bring it into Hulk's control.'

I think that speaks for itself.


Check out the newest What's Up Adventure in the Fun Tymes section, it's a real animal.


Okay, I finished my Ikari Warriors 2 shrine, which is in the Game House section, and there are two new Japanese Commercials up as well! Check it out.


And sign the damn guestbook, there's only six entries so far. What the hell, man, what the hell?


Redid the index page a bit, I didn't like all the empty space that was there when I had that banner up. The new sidebar pictures are both hand-drawn by yours truly, pretty amazing, huh? I did colorize them on the computer, but you can't build a Little Caesar's Pizza establishment without the foundation, can you!? ANYWAY, I promise to have the update I said I was going to have up last month by the end of tomorrow at the latest.


Just so I don't go through all of February without an update, I added some games to my collection list. I'm almost done with something decent, too so that'll be up tomorrow.


There's a rumor flying about that's saying Yu Suzuki wants to make Shenmue III a movie instead of a game. All I know is that if Shenmue III is anything other than a video game (Or possibly a tornado) I'm gonna fill a garbage bag with vomit.

As for the updates, there are two new Japanese Commercials (Dig Dug and Y's 1 & 2) up and a new WHAT'S UP? adventure, so visit the Fun Tymes section and enjoy.


Rock your way over to the Non Game section for the newest installment of the Sweetbee Adventures, The Rudest Myna Bird.


Happy New Year everyone! Sorry I didn't get this up sooner, but the holidays were a bit busy around here so I didn't get on the internet much. In any case, the Top 10 List is finished so check that out, and there are two new Japanese commercials up as well, one for Super Mario Bros. and one for Mega Drive!

I also have updated my collection page with all the neat stuff I got for Christmas. I got an X-Box, quite surprisingly. I didn't want one, but since it was a gift I decided I better start liking it and quick. Metal Gear Solid 2 is actually a lot better on X-Box, as it has Snake Tales that cuts out any of the original game's shitty story and is nothing but new gameplay. It's probably something I would've just rented if it were up to me, but it's still nice to have. I also bought and finished the X-Box version of Shenmue II, since the European version was sorely lacking the original's laughable english dialouge. It was almost exactly the same otherwise, but it was at least now I won't have to go through a boot disc to play it.

Anyway, I think it's gonna be a real long time before I update next. Well, not really but when I say it's soon it never is. So maybe it'll go the other way around this time, and if not, at least I didn't lie.


I put up some holiday colors and PENGUINS instead of the devil bees. It's kinda cheesy, I admit, but I wanted to do something fun.

I'll have the last five games of my top 10 list by the end of the week, and I'm gonna put them order because I realized saying "I love them all equally." is for parents who are afraid to let their kids know who's best. Well I won't be that kind of parent and I won't do that to my games either. So checking the main page because that'll probably be up by Friday.


There is another game idea up today.


Just 20 more minutes and I would've missed having one update each day, but nope! Check out the two AWESOME new Game Ideas I put up in the Fun Tymes section, they will make your eyes EXPLODE.


Check out the Game House section for a little ditty about Gamestop and it's spunky little competitor. Sorry if there's any loopy grammar errors, I'm kinda tired right now.


Check out the Funky Tymes Playplace (It's under the Non-Game button to the right if you don't know.) for a most disgusting but true article about Batman himself, Adam West.

Also, if you've tried downloading one of the commercials but gotten an error, don't worry, they've all been uploaded now.


There are also a few new links up, and also a new guestbook because I was still using the one from Geocities. Please sign it, even if you already have. A rich baron is coming over for dinner, and if I don't have a full guestbook by sundown, he's going to shoot me in the eyes with an elephant gun. I said an elephant gun isn't that precise and he said it is the way he shoots it. So I'm a little scared.


Check out the former reviews section which has been changed to Game House because I have no real reviews there nor do I intend to, for an little article story about ANIMAL CROSSING, apologies to any fans who are about to read that.

Keep your eyes peeled all this week, because I'm going to have something new up at least every other day.


The forums are now open, no new site content because I was busy making images for my board. I got a lot of ideas, so check the site within the next few days and you will be rewarded with a feast, a feast, a smorgasboard at least of great new updates.


I'm sure it's already obvious what I've changed about the site but I'll point it out anyway: That's right, the Hironobu Sakaguchi interview now links to the David Crane one, and vice versa. Now it's just a little more convinient.

Less obvious is the new layout, which isn't the best but I think it's a valiant first stab at HTML, seeing as I had never tried it seriously until about a week ago. It's not quite as easy as the pagebuilders I used before, but somehow it's less frustrating :/ . There are still a few kinks to work out cosmetically, but I'll get them done. I'm sorry to say that there are no real content updates, in fact there's even less content at the site now than before (Hacked roms are gone for good, and the classic 8-Bit Toaster, Senate Race article, and a few other things are gone but will be up again later.), although the links page has been redone with commentary from Kitten and Robot, and check out the Site FAQ has been changed to something of an About Me page, plus you can find out why I changed the name there as well. Oh, the collection page has also been updated.

I'm going out of town for the weekend, so there won't be any updates until Monday at least, but hey, you have a shortcut to those two interviews now so I hope I don't hear anyone complaining.


First things first, there is one new update today, a story about the current Minnesota Senate race. Now, before you go "Politics! That's almost as lame as reading!" I assure you that nothing is "lamer" than reading, I don't care what the Magic School Bus OR He-Man taught you. Anyway, there's a local section in the Non-Game page now, so expect more stories about Minnesota stuff. I figure it's a good way to make the site more personal, and it's fun to do. And don't worry, I'm not going to do anything about the Vikings or shit like that.

My apologies for the delay of today's update, and for the relative lack of content. See, this update was meant to be the biggest one yet. Several articles, the complete top 10 games list, a few new art things, game ideas, the works. I usually work on updates in Word before uploading them, so everything was on my computer and ready to go. Then, on Tuesday, September 18, I wake up to find Windows won't start up on my computer. Everything I tried didn't work, so I called up Gateway, where I got this computer, and asked "What's the deal?" They told me the only option was to reformat my computer. So, I called bullshit on that! Then I reformatted my computer.

Everything was gone. Thankfully I burnt my He-Man episodes on a CD-R to save space a week earlier, but that's pretty much all that was saved. Oh, the japanese commercials are also safe, but since I'm back to a 56K modem, I'll do one last update this week and that'll be the last. Sorry, but it was a pain in the ass doing that section with anything slower than a cable modem.

I'm getting a job soon so updates might become even more sporadic, but I'm shooting to finish the top 10 list and other things by the end of this week, so at least you should have that to hold onto when you get lonely at night. Until later.


Check out the Non-Game section for a disturbing article "The Sour Switch." It is perhaps the most disturbing thing you will read ALL YEAR.


It's been just over a month since the last update and that was pretty minor, so I apologize for that. I didn't really feel up to working on the site for a little bit but now I have some treats for you to feast your hungry eyes on, or ears if you can't read and are having someone else read it for you.

I put up half of a Top 10 Favorite Games list in the Reviews section. Nostalgic tales of lowly dealin's and hurt feelin's are abound inside, so enter with caution! I'll finish the other half within the next week.

If you didn't download the Sweet Home and Street Fighter II commercials it's time to start "bummin' out" or maybe not because there are two other new japanese commericals up, What commercials are they? Well go find out in the Fun Tymes section scum bag!

See you next time!


There is a new 8-Bit Toaster Adventure up in the Non-Game section and the Collection page has been updated. Also, I hate to be a NAG but if you don't sign my new guestbook I'll totally GAG.


You could fill a medium sized bucket with all the new links I put up.


There's a guestbook at the bottom now. I think you should sign it.


There is a new little button in the upper right corner leading to the Non-Game section, or as it's actually called but wouldn't fit into the button, THE FUNKY TYMES PLAYPLACE. There's currently two 8-Bit Toaster Adventures up there, which might remind you of the Whoze The Bitch stories on my old Killdozer site. I don't really have any other plans for the section, I'd just like to have it there rather than start a whole new site if I wanna do something different.

I'll also be updating the links section soony woony so don't freak out in your shorts yet, if you haven't already. The new links update will absolutely blow your mind. Or probably not. They're just links, you try and make it sound exciting.


There are two fantastic new links up. Now if you'll excuse me I have to catch the ending of Happy Gilmore. You can count, on me, with more great updates soon.

Yes I know all the damn images are broken ill fix it later.


I redid the Japanese Commercials page so it hopefully won't go down every damn hour. I didn't zip them this time because that seemed to mess up the file. There are only two currently up, Sweet Home and Street Fighter, both of which have been tested to work. There's also a list of commercials you can request, but the descriptions were kind of haphazardly typed out so they kinda suck.

I'm going to update the links page later today but for now I need to retire to the luxurious sleeping quarters of the Barker estate. The price is always right here.


The commercials ate up bandwidth like it was Fruity Pebbles so I'll have to change the way I do that. I'll probably only post one or two at a time, and then if anyone really wants one that's not up I can email it to them.


I registered a new Geocities account and uploaded all the Japanese Commercials I could, and I think I got most of the good, or at least halfway decent ones. There's a good 10-15 there, so check it out.


Good Idea: Check out the review section for some reviews, cheats, and images from the old 8-Bit Toaster.

Great Idea: Drinking a steamy hot glass of molten rock.


No, I haven't slept yet. Also check out the Action 52 Title Screen Extravaganza!


Sorry about another long wait for an update, but with a new computer convienently placed in my room and a cable modem those days are over.

I finally added a new Action 52 review, featuring MASH MAN and THE WORST GAME OF ALL TIME. That's no small claim, so go and check out what's UP with THAT, it's kind of different compared to the other A52 reviews but it's not everyday you play the worst game ever made.

That's the only update for this time. Enjoy!


There just so happen to be three new pictures in the Art museum for the Legend of Zelda. I also took away the captions under the pictures, because I didn't really like them. I thought it was neccisary to introduce the pictures with something but I changed my mind about it.

This is a little old, but during the last update I changed the site buttons so they alternate between a Metroid and a Goomba rather than just Goombas. I also redid all the Goomba buttons so the text size would be more consistent (If you noticed, the text sized varied a lot when it was all Goombas, but now they're all closer in size.)

Check back soon for yet more updates and zany capers.


The collection page has been fixed. There might be another update later tonight as well.


A good healthy block of new stuff is available today for you to read and talk about with your circle of friends who you met through your love of the site. First I did a minor redesign of the main page so it's less cluttered. The content related links are on the top of the page, while the boring ones are on the bottom. There is a new art section, with fun pictures abound for great games like Super Mario and Metroid. The collection section has also been updated for the first time in a long time, as has the links page (The updates there are pretty tiny, though), and there are two new commercials in the Fun Tymes section, for Zelda: Link To The Past and Dig Dug II. I'll probably only update that if I don't have anything else to add, since it's not getting too many hits anyway.

There's a lot more in the cards for next time, so keep checking in!


After nearly two months I've finally updated the page, and luckily for you, this one's rather plentiful.

First, I created a mascot for the site, whom you can check out in the Fun Tymes section. You'll see where it is when you get there. After you're done reading about him, read his Tips And Tricks, also in the Fun Tymes Section!

I put up a fun FAQ page even though I don't really get many questions. A few fun facts about the page for those of you who aren't in the know. You may also be excited to find there's also an actual picture of me (It's kind of low quality but there wern't really any better pictures) in the FAQ, so you no longer have to assume I look great.

On a frustrating note, Geocities Page Editor wasn't exactly cooperating over the course of this update. It was a pretty good Editor, especially compared to the monumentally shitty Homestead which didn't get good until shortly before the started charging for it, but they seem to have changed it around a bit and really fucked things up. Unfortunately, the first page of the Action 52 reviews fell victim to the changes and through some asinine glitch the index page got saved over it. Way to go Geocities.

Sorry to pull out the swears there, but it got more than a little annoying by the 7th time the damn thing froze up, and when the A52 page got saved over I got really pissed. I should probably just bite the bullet and learn HTML so I won't have to deal with sub par site editors anymore.

I'm on Spring Break starting today so expect an update or two over the next week. Enjoy today's new stuff!


Today Fun Tymes has once again been updated. Check under the "Other" category.

Tomorrow is my 18th birthday. I was thinking about it the other day, and assuming I won't live too far past 70, a quarter of my life is already over. Hilarious! That doesn't actually worry me, but it is weird to think about.


Just a small update so you all know I'm still alive. Check out the Fun Tymes section, because there is a new Game Idea you might find to be outstanding or even perplexingly excellent. Also, I organized it into little sections and put tags next to the most recently updated section.

Something I meant to say at the beginning of the site but I guess I didn't: Expect long periods without updates until May or so. April's the deadline for all my graduation work, and after that School will be smooth sailing across the Barbados sea, so I'll have more time to do stuff here. I'll try to get the next update in sooner than this, though.


New Years Day has come and gone. I personally spent it listening to U2's War album over and over, because it was the one with New Years Day on it. Nothing changes on New Years Day, like the song says, but the day after, things do at the 8 Bit Toaster, because there is a brand new interview in the Fun Tymes section! That's it, but it sure is better than the last update! Enjoy and have a great new year.


Nothing really big today. I updated my collection list and that's it. Sorry.

Bad News: I left Punk Street. We were at Taco Bell the other day, and the drummer wouldn't buy me a burrito even though he had a pocket full of nickels. That and he stabbed a cop.


Hey peeps, there is a review of the NES game Hollywood Squares up! Don't be a SQUARE and check it out.

Personally, I didn't think it was a very funny review, but perhaps you'll like it. I'm in a bit of a comedic slump as of late.

I've noticed some typos about so I'm going to weed those out next updates.


The links page has been redone. That's all.


3, 3, 3 new Action 52 reviews today. I've been drawing a lot of octopi lately. The kind with beaks are the best. Hey, what keeps the doctor away but also packs a sting? Applebee's Bar & Grill, that's what.

I haven't updated the links or moved the previous update into the updates section but those are things to look forward to next time.


Today my band Punk Street has kindly contributed the song Molotov Natsume to the Fun Tymes section. Go and see it.

The next update will bring more Action 52 reviews and more importantly an updated links page! Now git outta here!


There are some great new game ideas to read in the Fun Tymes Salloon so check that out. You could say that these ideas are bright enough to light a room.

I started a punk rock band called Punk Street. Our songs like Straight Edge Apocolypse and Virgin Records/ Sell Out Records are sure to spread disorder across the land. So look out.


Today there are 3 new Action 52 games to read about. Shooting Gallery is the worst one yet reviewed, but don't worry, it's not the worst one on the cartridge.

I beat Non-Human only to find out it was only one level long. Finally something has gone right.


Hi everyone, and thank you for visiting the new 8 Bit Toaster website! First, a joke. After everything I say, say apple.

What do you eat in the morning?


What do you eat in the afternoon?


What do you eat in the evening?


What do you chop into little bits?


That's the joke. Today we have a smorgasboard of tremendous fun and excitement. In the Fun Tymes section, there is an interview as well as some Hacked Roms! Then, check out the reviews section for a special Action 52 review. I'm sure you've all wondered just what video games I own, so check out the collection section to see! And then there's the links section, which I didn't really work too hard on. Enjoy all this and have a cheetahriffic day.

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