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In November of 2001, I had a vision of Anansi the spider telling me to create a new website, and since I am severely arachnophobic I decided I better do what he said. I shouted to the sky "Spider God, thy will be done!", and then rushed to Geocities to put together "The 8-Bit Toaster II" with their putrid site builder. When I moved the site to, I changed the name of the site to "Sweetbee's Game Hive," as such was a part of Anansi's plan the whole time. Now at it's final for a while at least home at, the clever web spun by Anansi has reached it's full potential, with an army of ratshit eating subhumans living beneath the background of each page, just waiting for him to give his first command.

You may notice updates are fairly uncommon. This is on account of the fact it is largely a video game based site, and I no longer spend very much time playing video games. What do I do instead, you ask? Well, have you ever heard of a little something called Where's Waldo? However, while this may be the case, I do still keep the site in mind and will probably keep on updating it up until my inevitable death in an oil fire or unwanted street brawl.

As webmaster of Sweetbee's Game Hive, you might think that Sweetbee is a handle, or "nickname" of sorts that I use. And you would be correct. I have also been commonly known as Hobbes since old tymes on le internet. Either will do if you wish to invoke any correspondance. Naturally, my real name is neither of these, but I choose not to divulge my true identity as Google is a powerful thing, and if my grandparents look me up and discover that I create massive sites dedicated to whatever the hell they think Rygar is rather than constant studying, there will likely be a shitstorm of nagging which I will never be able to reverse.

Sweetbee's Game Hive has won many awards in it's time, although roughly 99% of them have been from beloved site contributor, What's Up, for my hip-hop single, "Wicked Wicker."

He sends me a new one every Tuesday. Anyway, recently the site won it's first award from someone other than What's Up, Flying Omelette's Golden Ridley.

Thanks a million to FO! I hope she won't be offended if I pawn the Golden Ridley statue to afford deodorant and oatmeal (it's made of real gold, right?).

Anansi has instructed me to now write out something such as a profile for myself, as none should be as mysterious as he.


February 4th, 1984


St. Paul, Minnesota

Blood Type



Training, justice, candy


Spiders, rude people, M. Bison

Favorite Corporate Logo

If there is anything else you could possibly wish to know about myself or my website, that's just stupid, because everything important is listed here.

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