Switched at Birth

*Last week, on top of Doppleganger Mountain...*

Oh, wise Doppleganger Orb, please tell me of a celebrity that looks like the mission commander in Tatio's TIGER SHARK.

Gaze inside, yes, take a peek/ For I have found the man you seek.

I don't think that's correct. That character is a woman who looks nothing like Ted Danson.

Close your eyes, and open your heart/ Then you will see my judgement is smart.

When you put it that way, they DO look alike! Let's write a webpage together!

*The Doppleganger Orb glows silently in agreement*


Bono / Otacon from Metal Gear Solid 4

Today at Walgreens, I noticed Bono on the cover of Rolling Stone and saw that he looked a very much like the sole picture of Otacon out from Metal Gear Solid 4. And that's not all...

David Bowie / Otacon

I also noticed that Otacon looks quite like David Bowie, too. I was quite sad to see that one of my most disliked game characters looks like my favorite musician. As a matter of fact, I openly wept for an hour after this discovery.

Anyway, their resemblance appears much stronger when the pictures are blown up some. Click here for a larger comparison. Bowie's eyes both seem to be the same color in this photograph, oddly enough.

Bono / Solid Snake

I always thought Solid Snake looked kind of like Bono in MGS2, as well; Just give him a pair of god-awful sunglasses and you're set. I think the fact both Snake and Otacon look like Bono means I've uncovered a crucial MGS4 plot point: Otacon and Bono are also Big Boss clones (Knowing Kojima such a retarted twist probably isn't even out of the question).


Bjork from her Medulla album cover / Troll enemy from Final Fantasy

No big mystery here. It's clear Bjork was so inspired by the high quality of the Troll's classic album, Crotch Stench, that she adopted his trademark Party Animal pose as her own. As a personal aside, I would also like to add that Troll's "Gett in the Fucking Truck" and "Syphillis Pool Party (Jungle Mixxx)" are the songs that got me to step away from the edge of suicide.

Andy Warhol / Soma Cruz from Castlevania: AOS & DOS

Facially, they look nothing alike, but scope out that hair. I picture Soma's visits to Supercuts to go a little something like this:

"You there, give me the Warhol cut..."

"Hahaha, okay dipshit!" The stylist would interrupt, incredulously.

"... Except I want you to make it look 75% more like a helmet!"


David Bowie / Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4

This is just the first of many David Bowie look-alikes I managed to dig up. Although Leon doesn't look like that much like David Bowie 100% of the time, there are several moments in the game where there is a pretty close resemblance.

Macaulay Culkin / Leon

Leon also looks vaguely like Macaulay Culkin. I thought it was a coincidence, until I got to the final boss and had to beat him by strategically placing a stray tarantula on his face.

Emilio Estevez / Leon

Leon should be so lucky to look like a stud like Emilio.

David Bowie / Locke from Final Fantasy VI

While they don't necessarily look alike, they are both striking very similar man-slut poses. I bet they're going to get together one day and write a song called "Freak Me N.A.S.T.Y (Yeah Do It Like That)".

David Hyde Pierce / Locke

And while the search for a picture of David Hyde Pierce in a man-slut pose proved fruitless, he actually does look a good deal like Locke. Speaking of Final Fantasy VI...

Dustin "Screech" Diamond / Kefka

...The CG version of Kefka from the PSone port of FFVI looks an awful lot like Screech. I like to think Kefka destroying the world mid-game was actually just him foolishly cocking up Zack's plan to get INXS tickets really badly.

David Bowie / Ocelot from Metal Gear Solid 3

I actually think this one is intentional; Ocelot's fruity mannerisms are quite Bowie-esque, and the game already has one other really obvious David Bowie reference.

David Bowie / Kain from Final Fantasy IV

David Bowie / Shigeru Miyamoto

A couple more vague David Bowie look-alikes. Not much to comment on here, I guess.

John Goodman / Barry Burton from Resident Evil (GC)

We end our switched at birth adventure with a couple of look-alikes of Resident Evil's burly family man, Barry Burton. The horrifying/strangely arousing night I happened upon a gay hentai drawing of Barry is made all the more disturbing by the fact he looks like John Goodman.

Christopher Meloni / Barry

Barry also looks quite significantly like Christopher Meloni of the best Law & Order series of them all, Special Victims Unit.

I'll post more switched at birth entries if and when I notice them. Thanks but no thanks to any submissions, I'd rather keep this page to things I find personally, and some of my own entries are probably dodgy as is. Special thanks go out to Flying Omelette, as I probably never would have thought to do this section if she hadn't done it first on her site.

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