Sweetbee's Game Hive Presents: Rygar
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Introduction - Bestiary - Armoury & Abilities - Maps - Walkthrough

Special Features
Rygar in Japan: Algos No Senshi
Official Nintendo Player's Guide: The Complete Rygar Section
Great Works of Rygar Fanart
Poetry of the Heart: A Short Story by Rygar


One might wonder why I waste the time and energy necessary to create articles and tributes dedicated to games that I, for all intents and purposes, hate (See the Ikari Warriors II shrine and my Action 52 reviews for prime examples of this behaviour). I have wept many frustrated tears trying to figure this out myself. So many wasted nights wondering "Why?".

It's not like I pick difficult targets. The Ikari Warriors series likes to walk around with it's cock out, but everyone knows it's sack is filled with sand. Historians say Hellen Keller both felt and understood the dreadful power of Action 52 before she even learned how to communicate, despite this being nearly a century before the multicart's horrible conception.

So, with my soul freshly searched, a question came to me; Why don't I create a tribute to a game that I actually enjoy? So I took a quick glance at my top 10 list... Symphony of the Night? No, there's gotta be a million tributes out there already. Plus, how would I get screenshots? Final Fantasy VI? Think how much work would go in to adequately representing a game of that size. The Legend of Zelda? Those familar tears of frustration began to well up once again. But wait!


While it is a well liked and fairly popular game among a certain circle, a Google search turned up surprisingly little actual content pn it's NES rendition! A shrine dedicated to it might appear to be somewhat original! The broken shambles that constituted my life were finally starting to piece themselves together. No longer would I have to take nightly baths in delicious isopropyl alcohol to feel like things are alright.

These days the market for strange video games is pretty much cornered by Katamari Damacy, a cruel joke if I ever heard one. I won't deny the game it's absurdity, but it reeks of trying too hard. In the NES days, about 90% of the games available were effortlessly weird, and the world was a better place for it. Do you think Johnny Tecmo knew what he was doing when he created a world in which a bizzare topless man slaughters bizzare monsters with a bizzare sheild weapon while bizzarely gaining help from bizzare, giant hermits (Whom, might I add, are also topless)? I suppose I can't say for sure, but I sincerely doubt it.

Of course, I'm not near shallow enough to praise the game on that accord alone. So, allow me to outline for you the many factors of Rygar which I believe are the true measures of a great game:

Flex appeal: 5/5

Monsters that like to wake up early: 5/5

Monsters that look like little pot roasts: 4.5/5

Haunted Trees: 5/5

Skull Spiders: 4/5

Rainbows: 1.5/5
(I must concede to one major flaw; This rainbow looks as though it was designed by a rat.)

As you've probably already gathered, this game has everything. If you haven't played it yet, go and do so, the following pages are here to help! If you have, join us within to relive the strange and sensual journey of our burly hero, Rygar.


Section 1:Bestiary The Bestiary gives pictures and moderately useless descriptions of the various monsters you'll encounter during the game.

Section 2: Armoury & Abilities The Armoury & Abilities section outlines the many items of Rygar's arsenal, as well as his magic and physical abilities.

Section 3: Maps Maps I slaved over a hot computer to put together for you. Enjoy!

Section 4: Walkthrough A complete guide to a game that doesn't really need one.

Special Features

Rygar in Japan: Algos No Senshi A page that details the differences between the US and Japanese versions of Rygar.

Official Nintendo Player's Guide: The Complete Rygar Section Scans of all of the pages from the Official Nintendo Player's Guide's strategy overview for Rygar.

Great Works of Rygar Fanart Like my regular fanart section, but with wall to wall RYGAR.

Poetry of the Heart: A Short Story by Rygar An erotic tale written by Rygar himself for his night school writing course.

Downloads Downloads for scans of the original instruction manuals as well as NSFs of both the US and Japanese versions of the game.

Links External sites for those who want to read more about Rygar.

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