The following sites will make you sweat a weird green sweat. You'll be afraid at first, but the nightmare becomes a glorious dream eventually. I let you be surprised by the whens and whys of that.


Webcomics are awful. Here's the amazing exception that proves the rule.

Audio Atrocities

If bad video game voice acting pumps your bozacks, get ready to spray all over your keyboard.

The Castlevania Dungeon

So well known, there's no real point in linking this except to display that it's a site I like. I can't think of another series specific game site that's more comprehensive.

CB007's Videogaming Archive

Even though Cloudbond007 died as one of Kool-Aid Land's final citizens, his rude ghost continues to update this haven of reviews and old message board posts and weird. Reading his site makes me feel like a man.

Chris Covell's Secret Page

Want to see pictures of Super Famicom prototypes and unreleased Batman games and female bodybuilders? Well, this is a good place to go to for all but the latter.

Whenever I check my referrals page, I usually see that Codie Kitty has posted a link to one of my articles somewhere. Thank god she hosts a good site, because I'd be a real asshole to snub her after all of that free publicity.

Crawl's Review Site!

I once witnessed Crawl and 1000 crush a diamond into a top-tier game review with his bare hands. Fear his powers. Enjoy his site.

Crunk Games

This site run by Gaming Intelligence Agency vets updates even less frequently than I. But when they do it's usually with something entertaining.

Deathamster's Nest

Want to relive the memories of a long running Ezboard community without having ads and bullshit shoved between your buns? Well, check this place out then, stud.

Dinosaur Comics

Okay, I guess Achewood isn't the only exception.

Final Fantasy V: The Spirit of Heroes

A very lovely site about Final Fantasy V. All three versions are well covered.

The screams of delight you will expel at FO's massive game music archive will only be pacified when you heartily chuckle at her numerous comedy sketches. There's a ton of other content here as well, but to list it all would leave my hands crippled and ugly.


Remember Toasty Frog? It's GameSpite now.

Hardcore Gaming 101

You could probably piss away 20 straight years reading these pages and feel like it had only been an hour. Easily one of the best gaming sites out there.

Articles about unreleased games that will make you spit shrimp!

Perry Bible Fellowship

FINE, another good webcomic. I think I've got all the exceptions covered, though.

Quite naturally, I expect people reading a site largely dedicated to video games will be all over the opportunity to read a forum full of bugfuck insane ladies talking about how they're going to be Prince's next wife. They're wasting their time typing that shit, 'cause he's going to marry me and we are gonna be butt buddies.

For many years, this site was hosted for free on thanks to the kindness of this wonderful gentleman. I don't know if he knew the kind of trash I was putting up on his webspace, but I can only thank him for not stepping in and putting a stop to it.

The first webpage I ever made was a single page Homestead affair with an image stolen from Eric Roman and a poem about how much I hated one of my friends. Thanks for giving me my start, Eric. Visit his beautiful websites today.

|Tsr's NES Archive

Long dead, of course, but sometimes there's no better way to kill an afternoon than re-reading it.


If the first two links didn't start your fire, unreleased games probably just aren't your thing, and you won't like this site.


After all these years, this place has finally moved on from it's status as a pop-up ridden nightmare and become the awesome site it was always prevented from being.

Zany Video Game Quotes

Because there's more to unintentional video game humor than Bad Dudes. Check out the Aero Fighters games, you'll lose your mind.


If I don't read X-Entertainment once Christmastime rolls around, I feel like I've wasted the holiday season.

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