Killdozer's Krib: Intro

An Introduction

Writ from the hands of a probable psychopath who seemingly turned out to be a tiger, Killdozer's Krib was once described as "Some guy [who] likes holding conversations with himself and has an attention span measured in nanoseconds" by someone who couldn't see his own joke staring him in the face. The bizarre memories of Killdozer, wrecked by years of over exposure to pop culture and recreational drug use, have been salvaged from their hellhome at Geocities and supplemented with bonus material I'm going to pretend was lost for years when in fact it was all written yesterday.

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The Lost Tales of Killdozer and Friends:
Bill Paxton's Tru Thugz - The Truth of Tiger - Whoze Tha Bitch Bono Edition

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