Hollywood Squares

Try and make a joke out of this one, Mike. Just try Hollywood Squares is the kind of game that only sold at all because of Grandmothers who were buying birthday gifts for their little Randy, knowing little about him except that he likes the "Video Games." Not familiar with popular and triumphant franchises like Castlevania and Yo Noid!, she goes straight for what she knows and picks up Hollywood Squares, expecting little Randy to be overjoyed with his new gift. I doubt Randy appreciated Hollywood Squares. Well, guess what? I did.

You start the game by choosing from a series of characters you wish to plow through the zany world of HS with. Surely, if you're like me, you'll go for Rodd, the sunglass wearing hero of the game. His past is tragic. As the 3 time Hollywood Square champion, he had become a bigger celeberty than most of the the ones on the show. He came home one day to find Gilbert Gotfried had murdered his family with a crossbow. There was a trial and Gotfried got away scott free. Now, 20 years later, all Rodd has left is Captain Morgan's and Hollywood Squares. Also, I think the game is set in the future, since there aren't really any stars in the game, and this is just a glimpse as to who will be the stars of 2050. I personally can't wait to see a movie with these guys in it, especially the nutty lower right corner square, whose name varies. I call him Daz, since that seems to be the most common one.

Touche. The characters in Hollywood Squares always come up with hot and hilarious zingers! The questions are brain busters, until they start repeating themselves. Once that happens, there's really no point in playing this game anymore, unless the adrenaline rush of the Secret Square round doesn't excite you (Note: If it doesn't, you must be dead.). In the Secret Square round, you have to guess the correct celeberty, and if you get their question right, you'll win an imaginary trip that doesn't benefit you in the game in any way. Score! If you beat all three rounds, you get to go for the car, but if you choose the wrong key, you can play another round and try for the right one. If you choose the right key, you drive to Gilbert Gotfried's house and avenge the restless souls of your murdered family.

A game of such oddity should be played at least once by all. It is a chilling look into a future world where everything is pure, yet nothing is what it seems.

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