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Late one musty evening a couple of days back, I was searching the files of my computer looking desperately for an image I had drawn in MSPaint saved of Tom Selleck getting sexually molested by a pack of cougars the second most beautiful woman in the world, Gena Lee Nolan wearing a highly patriotic flag print bikini whist holding erupting roman candles in each hand. While my search for this exquisite piece of erotic imagery was ultimately in vain, I did happen across a project I had been working on many moons ago.

You see, as a youth I often wondered what my favorite (And not so favorite) Game Boy games might look like in glorious color. And in 2002, at a point in my life where I often had a lot of time on my hands and little else to do, I decided to make that dream a reality, and take screenshots of as of yet uncolorized Game Boy games on an emulator, and color them by hand using the very same MSPaint I maliciously ripped away a fictional Tom Selleck's electronic innocence with like using on occasion. Now, please realize I'm not happy about this. I realize now that it was a horrible, pointless, and uncreative waste of time that I took way further than I ever should have. But then again, if I hadn't indulged the voice in my head that wondered, "Hey, what would Great Greed have looked like if it got hit by a RAINBOW?" would I still be here talking to you today?

I sincerely believe that no, I most definately would not. Plus, it now gives me something I can throw on the site and call an update.


Metroid II: Return of Samus

Metroid II isn't a game I particularly like, but hell if these new shots don't look kind of nice. I dare say that my vibrant take on the Metroid Queen belongs on the walls of a museum (or maybe just the walls of some sweaty dork's basement, WHATEVER).

And before anyone makes pervert accusations at me for colorizing half nude Samus among many other possible things, I swear to God I had a friend do that one for me. (...)

Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge

The colors I chose for Belmont's Revenge were inspired by an email from a true fan. Let's have a look.

Dear sweetfag,

hey asshole, ur screenshots might work on a game gear or cellphone BUT WHAT ABOUT THE NES. THEY ARE TO COLORFUL.

choke on it,

Brad "Duzty Nutz" Rizzillo

Far be it for me to deny a man with a middle name like Duzty Nutz what he wants. Here are your NES friendly screenshots, you cur.


Final Fantasy Adventure

This one I actually did some time in 1999, seperately from all of the other pics. It looks like shit because I only used the basic MSPaint colors, and appearently only knew how to save images as JPG's then. While I didn't colorize the rest until a good three years later, this is where I originally put this goddamned idea into practice.

Donkey Kong '94

I think I lazily colored this single screenshot for Donkey Kong 94 one afternoon not too long before I decided it would be a good idea to do so for other games. Mario's shirt is brown because I've always had a weird affinitiy for his and Luigi's color schemes in the original Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Land

For Super Mario Land, I basically tried to make it look like a more colorful version of the original NES game. I liked the way the first level, the pyramid stage, and the bonus round (Made to look like Donkey Kong, of course) turned out, but in retrospect, the skies in the World Two stages I did look like that rainbow I was talking about hit a LITTLE TOO HARD. But then, other than DK94 and Final Fantasy Adventure it was also the first game I worked on, so I was young and stupid at the time (Not that the project got any less stupid as the colorizations got better).

Bubble Ghost

(Click the colorized screens for the original versions)

Bubble Ghost has perhaps one of the most bizzare concepts for a video game I have ever heard. The screenshots I colorized are actually from the very first time I played it, and quite honestly, I don't think it's a very good game. But it is about a ghost guiding a bubble through room after room treacherous obstacles with nothing but the power of his lungs, so how could I ever resist?

Revenge of the Gator

(Click the colorized screens for the original versions)

While it may be just a pinball game, I still think Revenge of the Gator is without a doubt the most charming video game I've ever played. I do not know who these gators are, and I do not know for what they want revenge. But I do know that they clawed their way painfully into my heart as a youth, and they have yet to leave even now.

I actually had most of the colors for Revenge of the Gator in my mind since I was a kid. I always imagined the pinball boards in the green-blue and light brown colors seen here, the gators' colorizations of course came naturally, sans the gator living down in the pit, which on account of it's long, full bodied lashes (Not seen in the photo above, but believe me, they're there), I always saw as being pink. As such, I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.

The Castlevania Adventure

(Click the colorized screens for the original versions)

The Castlevania Adventure is a game that widely catches a lot of shit for being... Well, shit, and I for one don't plan on being a voice of dissent on that issue. Why I chose it for colorization was mostly out of nostalgia, as it was one of the first Game Boy games I owned as a kid. I will say that it does look rather pretty, though. I don't think I really used any reference from the other games in the Castlevania series (There was more of an influence from Rygar, if anything) when I was picking out the colors, and as a result the game looks rather like a comic book. I remember wanting to add a little more detail to the more bland backgrounds of the game, but I either couldn't come up with anything that looked good, or got lazy.

I wish I had known that Belmont's Revenge was actually a pretty good game at the time I was doing this crap, because I would've colored it over The Castlevania Adventure in a heartbeat.

The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

(Click the colorized screens for the original versions)

(Not exactly the same screen when you click, but you get the idea)

I know you're thinking, "But Hobbes, had Link's Awakening not already been colorized?" I actually always thought the Game Boy Color version made the game look a whole lot worse in most places, so I decided to give it the treatment as well. In truth, I put without a doubt the most embarassing amount of work into Zelda; I colorized a good portion of the world map, and was planning to do the same for the rest, as well as the dungeons. In the end, I was going to put together a full color shrine/walkthrough together for the site, because even though I'm sure there are other such websites out there for Link's Awakening, how many of them have screenshots that look like they're from A Link To The Past if you have a few drinks and squint hard?!

Right, so anyway, click the thumbnail below for the full size version of the eternally incomplete colorized Link's Awakening world map:

(Full size image: 444k)

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