Game Art Backgrounds

A few nights ago, I decided to scan the box of the Famicom Mini version of Super Mario Bros., because it is a fine piece of cla$$ic box art if there ever was one and I wanted to use it as the desktop background on my computer. Much to my infuriation, I found that it looked like something out of my most horrifying red nightmares once stretched out to meet the demands of my screen resolution. What should have been an image filled with color and life instead looked like three bowel-heavy birds gathered together around it to blow their beef out all over the place.

Once I calmed down, I decided to take the image into Photoshop and dick around with it for awhile until I liked it. And eventually, I came to an end I was satisfied with, and Mario and company have happily graced my computer screen ever since. I had a bit of fun with the process, so I scanned in some other stuff close at hand and made them into backgrounds too. Granted, I anticipate a tiny portion of my tiny readership to actually use these, and they will probably look pretty amateurish to someone who is at all skilled with Photoshop, but I think they look nice so you can all go eat a bag of bandit barf.

The Legend of Zelda

1024x786 | 800x600

Super Mario Bros.

1024x786 | 800x600

Final Fantasy VI

There's two different versions of this, depending on what you like to call the game.

Final Fantasy VI Version
1024x786 | 800x600

Final Fantasy III Version
1024x786 | 800x600

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