Welcome to the Funky Tymes Playplace, a place where ye and me can "kick back," not unlike the 3 Ninjas in the fine sequel to the 1992 original. ANYWAY, every now and then I fall apart, and when that happens I don't wanna do videogame stuff. So here, I'll post anything that has little or nothing to do with games. So turn around, bright eyes, and check what's going on here.

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Adventure 11: Three Sweaty Dudes (05/29/07)


Sweetbee's Celebrity Gossip 1st Edition
Sweetbee's Celebrity Gossip 2nd Edition
Sweetbee's Celebrity Gossip 3rd Edition: SweetBeetsy's Stud Report

Learn the dark secrets buried deep in the closets of your favorite stars.

Rebirth of a Legend

The long winter has come to an end.

The Friends Finale

A look at the Friends Finale that isn't afraid to tell the truth.

Adam West Hit On My Sister.

It may sound like a joke, but you better believe it's true.

The Sweetbee Adventures

All your favorite characters go on fun and meaningful adventures.

1: Let's Go Crazy

We really GET NUTS in this one.

2: Super Safari

Join me and Morris Day on this totally gonzo adventure.


If you think you're MANGY, you're probably just TANGY compared to these dudes.

4: The Rudest Myna Bird

If you like Myna Birds, cussing, and tornados, you just may like this.

5: Do You Want To Know Baron?

The Adventure described by critcs as "A sensual journey."

6: The Return Of Three Mangy Dudes

A look into the psyche of the world's most amazing men.

7: A Tale of Frankie

I don't know if this is funny or sad. Well, I laughed.

8: A Visit With an Owl

Two assholes encounter an Owl.

9: Choose Your Own Halloween Adventure

It's like the Castlevania III of trashy webpage pseudo games.

10: Good-Bye, Kool Aid Land

A total of three people will get this.

11: Three Sweaty Dudes

Oh. Oh!

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