David Crane: The Definative Interview

I was at the Arby's where I met Hironobu Sakaguchi, purchasing a meal of chicken fingers and curly fries. At first, I thought I spotted Mayor Mike Haggar from Final Fight, but it wasn't actually him. Fortuneatly, I saw someone else: David Crane (Far left), creator of A Boy and His Blob and probably Yo! Noid, too! This is not the first time I saw David Crane at Arby's, and both the other times I got kicked out, but those involved hiding inside a cardboard box so I doubt he knows it was me. I decided to approch him and ask a few questions.

Me: Hey, aren't you David Crane?
DC: Yes.
Me: That's great, I loved a Boy and His Blob and Yo! Noid.
DC: I didn't do Yo! Noid.
Me: Have you played Yo! Noid?
DC: Yeah, it's great.
Me: So, what's it like to be related to Niles and Fraiser Crane?
DC: I'm not related to them. Those aren't even real people.

After that I silently ate my Arby's meal and left. I then went to the mall to spend the money I thought I won gambling, but it turned out when you win money in Shenmue II it doesn't mean you win money in real life. What a bummer. I got home at approximatley 10:52 PM and went to sleep. At Arby's the next day David Crane was still there. I couldn't afford a meal. David Crane came up to me. I couldn't believe it!

DC: Hey, guess what?
Me: What?

He shot me 3 times in the leg and once in the shoulder. He was shooting to wound, not to kill, thank goodness. The Arby's staff were not very helpful. He then punched me in the stomach 6 times and left. Come to think of it, that probably wasn't David Crane. Nonetheless, playing A Boy and His Blob will now take on a whole new meaning.

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