Video Game Fanart is pretty much one of the most ridiculous things on this planet. In what other genre would you see a character who is officially represented as a mute, green elf transformed into a tuxedo wearing idiot who's constantly brandishing a single red rose for his beloved Princess (Or in the event of a man-on-man crossover, Sephiroth)? You'll find none of that bullshit here.

If you instead want to see the forementioned character portrayed as a lovable piece of human garbage whose diet probably soley consists of Mello Yello and Slim Jims, you're in the right place. All previous conceptions of your favorite gaming characters will stand true no longer as you witness Golbez palming off to dodgy TV sci-fi, Solid Snake getting emotional over the world's worst pizza, and an Octorok frenching with a truck. On top of all that, it's all usually drawn in 2 minutes in MSPaint. Such is the nature of truly great video game fanart. Continue onward and enjoy.

Recent additions by date:

Super Castlevania IV: Later Bro By Keegan McClenahen (9/30/07)

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link: A New Quest Begins (3/29/07)

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link: Everybody Hurts (3/29/07)

All Entries By Series:


Later Bro By Keegan McClenahen

Ashes to Ashes, Funk to Funky

Sloggin' Around By Eric Roman

Nasty Nate By Eric Roman

Skull Knight DELIGHT!! By Eric Roman

Ninja Grant By Eric Roman

Super Mario Bros.


Father Figure By Colin C.

Gallagher Meets the Hammer Bros.

Dream a Dream of LAKITU

What is Love? By Eric Roman

Halloween Goomba

Fear and Loathing in the Mushroom Kingdom

Birdo's Revenge

Who Will Love Luigi?

Pirahna Picasso

A Fitting Change

Wendy O. Koopa By Eric Roman

GONZO Goomba By Eric Roman

Minus World Follies

Koopa Troopa Vs. Hugh Grant

Home Is Where The Heart Is

The Legend of Zelda

A New Quest Begins

Everybody Hurts

Big Ones, Indeed

Pranks Gone Wrong

Magic Comes Alive!

Cheque Out The Pump

Dang, Dodongo

A HEARTy Surprise

Halloween Octorok

The Master of Trickery

The Greatest Romance Ever Sold

Octorok Hazing Party

Dodongo and Digdogger

Link Thanks the Old Man

Urban Champions

The only Urban Champions Fan Art on the entire internet Pt. 1

Urban Champions Pt. 2


Trouble in PARADISE?


The Death of 3D Worldrunner

Kid Thief Toby Strikes Again!

Metal Gear

The REAL Solid Snake Pt. 1

The REAL Solid Snake Pt. 2

The REAL Solid Snake Pt. 3: Like Father, Like Son

The REAL Solid Snake Pt. 4: Ultimate Revenge!


Halloween Metroid

Maxwell Metroid

Maxwell Metroid pt. 2

Sonic The Hedgehog

Chao Victory Road Pt. 1

Chao Victory Road Pt. 2


Halloween Pikmin

Lonesome Tears

Bubble Bobble

The Truth About Bub and Bob

Halloween Bubblun

Celebrity Secrets

Who Needs Vicki Vale? (Batman)


You Frigid Fuck (Shenmue)

The Big Question (Super Munchers)

30th Try At The Same Damn Stage (Adventures of Lolo)

When The Wind Blows (Sim City)

True Tales of Bravery (Game & Watch)

The Misleading Box Art That Could Have Been

Leon's Valentine (Resident Evil 4)

Halloween Prinny (Disgaea)

Actual Phone Conversation: What's Really Important. (Wario Ware)

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