Sweetbee Adventure 5: Do you want to know Baron?

Oh, hello. I didn't hear you come in... My name? No, that's not important. If you must know, I am known simply as Baron... Do you not yet know Baron? Do you want to know Baron? Please, decend up the spiral staircase.

Did you tire from the climb? Is what awaits worth it? I don't know... You'll have to tell me. But for now, be silent. Have you ever wondered what it looks like, silence? Ponder with me this question. Ponder... For my pleasure. It is unfortunate, for together, we cannot know true silence. The rhythm of our beating hearts will always fill the room. Will we ever know the real meaning of bliss? Crystal tear drops fall in my heart.

The hallway is dark... It almost feels cold. But there is also a great heat in our presence. Do you feel it too? I sense you are afraid, but do not fear. Follow your soul to the end of the hallway... I have something magnificent to show you, and the price of admission is your trust. Trust me... Trust your feelings.

The moonlight shines upon the Rose Owl... A sculputre of pure beauty. Some cover in fear before this graceful creature, for they know the light held within shines so bright, that to see it unleashed would render you blind. That light? It's the shining glory of two destinies meant to bind together into one... Do you see the light? If you would just follow me furth...


Wh... what was that?