Sweetbee Adventure 10: Good-Bye, Kool Aid Land

This story is meant to be accompanied by this corny ass midi. Remember midi? I say it's the WAV of the future!

Kool Aid Land, an enthusiast's forum for the eponymous drink, was once a wonderful gathering place where hardcore fans could share ribald tales about the tasty elixir. Brothers and sisters in arms would gather from lands unseen by even the eye of an eagle to discuss their favorite flavors in a warm, bawdy atmosphere. The memories created there will be forever cherished by all they touched... But sadly, they will forever be nothing more than memories.

Abandoned by it's loveless creator after the entirety of it's posts were lost to the four winds, the derelict Kool Aid Land exists isolated from the rest of the world, so bleak and lonely that even the relentlessly dedicated Floyd De Negroid will no longer set foot. Even so, a couple of faithful stragglers remain, desperately trying to keep Kool Aid Land alive against all odds. This is their story...


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