Bubble Gum Rossie

Bubble Gum Rossie has a hill that seems impossible to pass in the middle of level one. I regret to inform you that this jump is indeed possible (I have successfully completed it in the screenshot). Clearing this bump in the road is the emotional equivalent of getting shocked briefly, and then minutes later having that small shock continue as a full on electrocution, one that only relents when your charred skeleton is all that remains.

The game transitions into an overhead view for level two, which is an easy, breezy, terrible driving mini game that plays like a vertical shooter where you don't have to kill anything. Level three brings yet more completely broken platforming to the table, and may make your skull crack spontaneously.

I hate to burst any bubbles, Rossie, but your game doubles not my pleasure, but my pain! (This comment won a Pulitzer.)


To all sombrero wearing readers of the site: get ready to remove them in disgust. Action 52 has taken this daring fashion statement and turned it into yet another horrible game. Enter a world where cars produce tombstones upon defeat, and collectable hats that benefit you in no way litter the land.

The game is a vertical shooter, a genre that is pulled off with a tiny bit more competence than others on Action 52 while still managing to be pretty poor. I can't say any more than this, really, because about two minutes in I tried to kill myself by choking on a Playmobil man.


- Sorry, Rossie, your game may have been sweet at first, but it lost it's flavor real quick! (I couldn't use this, the game was awful from the start)

- In closing, this game is anything but Bubblicious, but it does feel like getting stabbed by a Trident! (It is hard to blow bubbles with Trident)

- Chewing Skoal may make you feel cool, but ask any dentist and they'll call you a fool! (I forgot the game wasn't about chewing tobacco)

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