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Poetry of the Heart: A Short Story by Rygar

Poetry of the Heart: A Short Story by Rygar

When I began work on this shrine, little did I know that news of my project would eventually reach the ears of the man himself: Rygar. He sent me this email, which I am sharing with all of you today:


Hey this is Rygar what's up. I heard you are making a site about my game that's cool. Anyway when the checks from Tecmo started to dry up I had to take a job at a sporting goods store so thats when this story happened it is a true story although I changed my name so I don't look like I am bragging. It got pretty good feedback in my night school classes one guy said "I did not expect you to be literate" and two women requested to be transfered to another peer group I am guessing this is on account of how arousing this story was to them. Anyway if you would post this story up on your site so everyone knows what is up with me today (I was not the one in the new "rygar" game that guy sucks he looks like something tom cruise shat out) that would be pretty cool, thanks.


So, I present to you Rygar's short story, Poetry of the Heart. Since doesn't allow pornographic material, I've had to censor a good chunk of it, but what is behind those black bars is so potently erotic that it just may seep through and get you real sweaty.

The story goes on for a good long while, but if I were to post the rest I would have to block off pretty much all of it. I can, however, provide you with the incredible twist ending that Rygar swears to god is completely true:

Amazing stuff, no? I think Rygar has a bright new career in front of him, if I do say so myself.

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