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Special Features
Rygar in Japan: Algos No Senshi
Official Nintendo Player's Guide: The Complete Rygar Section
Great Works of Rygar Fanart
Poetry of the Heart: A Short Story by Rygar

Official Nintendo Player's Guide: The Complete Rygar Section

Any crotchety old gamer probably remembers the Official Nintendo Player's Guide, a colorful if poorly written tome from 1987 with dedicated strategies for games of varying quality. As luck would have it, Rygar recieved a rather hearty little section in this book, which I was able to scan for this tribute. These scans actually render portions of my strategy overview useless, so if I have perhaps angered you somehow while expressing my love for Rygar, you can still check the following pages out and not have to credit any of your success in the game to me (Just know that I WILL feel the scorn of this act as it happens, and possibly seek revenge).

I trust we are all well versed in the mysterious magic of thumbnails by now, so without further adieu...

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