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Rygar in Japan: Algos No Senshi
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Rygar in Japan: Algos No Senshi (Warrior of Algos)

While the US version of Rygar was completely unchanged as far as graphics and gameplay were concerned, many pieces of the game's soundtrack were replaced in the translation. Areas with different music in the Japanese version are as follows:

All Hermit Dens
Sueru Mountains
Gran Mountains (As well as the areas where this music is repeated. The same applies to the previous entry.)
Sagila's Cave
Dorago's Palace

While I suspect that I may be biased towards the western version's music (It is, depressingly enough, some of the first music I have memories of), I really don't think we missed much for the lack of the full Japanese soundtrack (The curious may check the downloads section for the Japanese version's NSF).

Also of note is that the ending of Algos No Senshi sports some very mangled usage of the english language. The grammar was cleaned up a bit when brought over (Surprising considering that the rest of the game's translation seems quite lazy), but otherwise the text is pretty much the same.

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