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Rygar in Japan: Algos No Senshi
Official Nintendo Player's Guide: The Complete Rygar Section
Great Works of Rygar Fanart
Poetry of the Heart: A Short Story by Rygar

Great Works of Rygar Fanart

You might've walked into an art gallery at one point in your life and found yourself enraged that Rygar was the subject of absolutely NONE of the "fine" art held within. While these pieces got rejected by all of the museums I submitted them to, I think they should do well the squelch your anger. The quality speaks for itself.

Piece 1: The Birth of a Hero
Piece 2: Rygar Goes Skating Pt. 1
Piece 3: Rygar Goes Skating Pt. 2
Piece 4: Ohhh Yeah!

Please send photos of any tattoos inspired by these fine works.

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