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Before I beat Rygar for the first time, my life was being ravaged by a three bottle a day vodka habit and constant 8-hour blocks of time I set aside to read "Ate My Balls" webpages. In her yearly newsletter, my own mother described me as "a real wasteoid jerk guy." When I had finally conquered Ligar and brought peace back to the land of Argool, things began to change for the better. These days I merely think about reading "Ate My Balls" pages (I admit it is something I think about a lot, but it has gotten much less intrusive), and I can now afford up to six bottles of vodka on a good day. You're probably thinking, "How is it that I can duplicate this level of success?" Well, take my hand, friend, and I will show you the way.

Before we get to the core of the matter, allow me to dispense a few useful hints to keep in mind while playing.

1: As stated in the Armoury section, the Power-Up spell lasts until Rygar's death, so make sure to cast it as soon as you can when you start playing (as well as after every continue).

2: Don't try jumping on flying creatures' heads in order to stun them, as that only works on ground monsters.

3: Keep your cool! Don't stop believing in yourself, and you'll be a true Power Player!

In all honesty, I would recommend trying to get through Rygar by yourself if you can. It's not a difficult game by any means, and the only reason I'm really even doing a walkthrough is for the sake of making this tribute site as complete as possible.

In the off chance you get completely stuck, though, I suppose we're here for you.

Sueru & Gran Mountains

Our adventure begins in the Sueru Mountains with a picturesque sunset in the background. A winning stategy in this area is to MOVE RIGHT and AVOID ENEMIES. This is a strategy that continues being effective when you enter the blue skied Gran Mountains, although you will have to shake things up and climb up a rope or two.

When you reach the first set of mountainous terrian, climb up the first rope you see and work your way far to the right. When you find yourself constantly surrounded by the dreaded Phollorakos, stick around there for a bit and start wailing on them.

This is a good place to do your initial bit of leveling up. Keep on beating up Phollorakos(es?) until you have five life units and a tone level of about 120, and you should be ready to take on the early parts of the game (If you want to be extra cautious, go ahead and build up to six life bars, it shouldn't take too much longer.) If you've built up enough mind points during your leveling, go ahead and cast the Power-Up spell.

When this deed is done, climb down the nearest rope and begin heading right. You should eventually see a door on the upper level of the screen; This is the enterance to Garloz, your first destination.


Garloz (Which, unlike the previous areas, appears from an overhead perspective) is more or less the central hub of the game, so you'll be revisiting it frequently. For now, though, head upwards towards the first western path, upwards again from there (There will be a forking path, go down the right side), and then take the eastern path after you encounter your first Kinoble. Enter the building in this area to recieve the Grappling Hook item, which will be essential in progressing through the next area you reach. From here, head back to the area from which you entered, but take the eastern path this time. Make your way north around the river in the center of the screen, and then take the first eastern path you find from there. It is in this area that you will find the entrance to the Rolsa Valley.

Rolsa Valley & Eruga's Forest

The Rolsa Valley is (for now at least) a pretty straightforward area in which you should need little assitance. If you have a decent tone rating, you should be able to take out the Olbises that fly at you pretty easily, just be careful not to let them knock you into the water.

At the end of the Rolsa Valley you will find the enterance to Eruga's Forest, a slightly more difficult area than the one you'll have just experienced. You will once again have to fight off Olbises, as well as the stationary yet obnoxious Kinatarnos, whose projectiles may just leave you cussing into the sky as you plummet into the deadly river.

In any case, when you first reach the upper level of the stage, you can Grapple (Up + B for those uninitiated) onto the tree to your left, and then grapple upwards again from said tree's leftmost branch to reach a hermit who'll restore your health. So check that out if you need to heal, and if not, just proceed through the stage as it is more or less pretty simple. Just remember to use your Grappling Hook if you ever think you're at a dead end, and be careful not to get knocked into the water (Tip: You can scroll a Kinatarnos off the screen by walking slightly to the left whenever they first appear on screen. When you continue to proceed to the right, he will have disappeared.)

Boss Battle: Eruga

You may be shocked to meet a boss monster named Eruga when you finally reach the end of the aptly named Eruga's Forest. Upon first entering his room, quickly get in close and start attacking him with your diskarmor. When he fires his first projectile, retreat to the top of the branch on the left of the screen, jump over the projectiles from there, and continue to attack. Repeat this pattern until Eruga has moved under the tree branch, at which point you will want to jump over to the right side of the screen. When Eruga shoots his next projectile, you will have to jump very carefully through the gap between the top two fireballs, after which you should rush towards him and continue to attack. If you have a Tone value of about 200 or so, you'll probably have done enough damage to him during the first phase of the battle that you will only need to repeat the strategy for the right side once, if at all.

Eventually, Eruga will die in a satisfying explosion. You should then proceed into the door that appears to claim your new Wind Pulley.

Mt. Primeval & Sagila's Den

After defeating Eruga and retrieving your prize, you'll find yourself teleported back to the Rolsa Valley enterance in Garloz. If you need to heal, head to the path you see to the right and then go north to a hermit's den, otherwise, go back west. Use your new Wind Pulley to travel across the rope (Have Rygar approach the rope at about waist level, once you hear a "click" noise it will be safe to cross), and then head south until there is no place to go except for a path going left. Glide across the rope you find there, and then walk two screens east until you find a new door, which will take you to Mt. Primeval.

If you've not done any premature exploration of other areas, Mt. Primeval is where you'll first encounter the Epolcon enemy. While on foot they are not difficult to deal with, their egg drops can be hard to avoid if you're ambushed while crossing a rope with the Wind Pulley. They will typically drop their eggs slightly in front of Rygar, but they can be a bit unpredictable in this, so be careful.

After you've made it through the short segment that is Mt. Primeval, you'll find yourself in Sagila's Den. This cave is a bit maze like in the beginning; if you take the path down, you'll find a health recovery point and a series of dead ends. So, unless you need to heal, just keep heading straight to the right. At the end of this path, you'll find an exit back outdoors, which leads to the final stretch of the cave. The last segment of Sagila's Den is, for the most part, pretty straightforward. When you hit a series of pits that expel fireballs, just strike at them at your diskarmor and jump shortly afterwards to avoid taking damage.

Boss Battle: Sagila

Sagila is a much easier adversary than the previous boss. When you strike him, he begins to track around the walls in the opposite direction he was heading before you attacked, so all you have to do is face towards the other side and hit at him again. Later on in the battle, he will switch up his pattern and begin to drop from the ceiling, but this is generally easy to avoid.

After defeating Sagila and gaining the Crossbow, there are several options on what to do next. You can attempt Dorago's Palace, the sky area of Lapis, and the Tower of Garba (However, there is no real point in conquering the tower early.) Although the intended order seems to be to go through Lapis at this point, I recommend heading to Dorago's Palace, as it is located closer to the Mt. Primeval entrance, saving you a trip back out to that section of the map later on. For a slightly easier game, go ahead to Lapis and return to the Palace afterwards.

Dorago's Palace

From the Mt. Primeval entrance, head west one screen, then north along the shore, and then finally east. At this point you should see a lone wooden post from which you can fire your Crossbow. For whatever reason, you have to be in a somewhat akward position by the post for the Crossbow to fire successfully, so experiment in different spots around the post while facing north and keep pressing B. Once a rope has appeared, glide across it and enter Dorago's Palace.

The Palace is another overhead area. It's slightly maze like, but the branches don't go too far off track, so you should be able to get by without much guidance. It's important to remember that in the overhead sections, Rygar can take no damage while he is jumping, so although the enemies here are quite a bit tougher than those you'll encounter in Garloz, if you master the art of the "jump attack" you'll be fine.

Boss Battle: Dorago

Another easy boss fight. If you stay in the air most of the time, his projectiles won't hit you. So just keep attacking while jumping and he will eventually kick off. Upon defeating him you will gain Indora's Suit of Armor.


After defeating Dorago, head back towards the Rolsa Valley entrance, and from there travel two screens to the east. In this area lies the passageway to Lapis.

Lapis beings as an area generic in both level design and appearence, but after you make your way through it's short first section things get a little more interesting. When you enter the doorway into the sky area, make you way as far over to the right as you can, and use the Grappling Hook to connect to an island on the screen above. From here you'll have to make use of all the items gained so far to progress. If you ever hit a what appears to be a dead end, just use the Grappling Hook to check for islands either above or below you.

Lapis is home to Bargan, a robot enemy that can make short work of Rygar if you're sloppy. Just be careful to avoid their beam weapon, and keep on your toes when their numbers begin to increase. Bargans are also an excellent source of both Tone and Last points, so if you want to stop and level up briefly, be my guest. I'd recommend not wasting too much time beefing up in this area, though, as the best source of experience is yet to come.

Boss Battle: Belzar

Belzar has a simple pattern, but his high physical strength can cause Rygar a whole lot of damage. Grapple up onto his platform and time your attacks so you'll be able to safely jump over the projectiles he fires. Belzar himself remains stationary the whole time, so his fireballs are the only real threat to Rygar's life. After finishing him off, you will recieve the God's Coat of Arms, an item that allows you to recieve recovery medicine from certain hermits (Check the Map section for the locations at which you can recieve medicine refills.)

Tower of Garba

You should now return to the Gran Mountains via the doorway from which you first entered Garloz. Once you've gotten there, climb towards the top of the mountain until you encounter a post to fire your crossbow from on the right side of the screen. Make your way across this set of obstacles and you will eventually come across the entrance to the Tower of Garba. There isn't much to the tower other than a series of bosses that recycle the patterns of those you've already defeated.

Boss Battle: Kuzeelar

Kuzeelar repeats the attack pattern of Eruga, although now that you've powered up significantly, he should be much easier to defeat. You'll encounter him three seperate times while making your way through the tower; He constantly reappears on the second screen you'll find him on, making this a prime spot to max out your Tone and Last numbers before the end of the game.

Boss Battle: Demoro Bruzer

In Demoro Bruzer we have the second coming of Sagila, albeit in a much smaller space. There's really not much to him.

Boss Battle: Deathpigor

If you were missing Belzar after defeating him in the previous area, worry not, for Deathpigor is the same thing in a new drag. If you maxed out your stats on the regenerating Kuzeelar I mentioned earlier, you should have no problem just "Ramboing" Deathpigor by attacking him rapidly without concern for damage. Otherwise, just carefully avoid his projectiles and attack when you get an opportunity. Defeating him nets you the Flute of Pegasus, which grants you passage to the game's final area.

Ligar's Castle

Once finished with the Tower of Garba, return to the Rolsa Valley. After climbing up the first rope you find, make your way to the rightmost tower, jump up on it's highest ledge, and Grapple upwards. Keep going higher and higher until you reach what looks like floating mountain with a lion's face in the background. Play the Flute of Pegasus here (Enter the subscreen, select the flute with the cursor and press B) to make a doorway to Ligar's Castle appear.

Once you've entered the final area, work your way east and then north to find the entrance to the Castle. The interior has one room where the path branches in four places, but otherwise it is pretty straightforward. If you're low on health, take the southren path when you reach the branching room, otherwise, proceed to the west.

The enemies you'll encounter are all repeats of previous patterns with new sprites; The shadow knight is basically a swift version of Kinoble that can fire more projectiles, the shadow spiders are pretty much the same as German, and a shadow version of Dorago also appears to make things a bit more interesting.

Final Boss: Ligar

Ligar's projectiles are unpredictable, so I have no good strategy for finishing this battle without taking a good amount of damage. Just get in close, aim your attacks at his face (His only vulnerable point), and when you feel you have a good opening to do so, jump or duck to avoid his attacks. The Power Up spell is helpful as it extends the range of your diskarmor, and you should have the recovery medicine available if you get low on health.

Once Ligar falls, there's not much else to do other watch the ending and say ta-ta to Rygar until your next playthrough.

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