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Official Nintendo Player's Guide: The Complete Rygar Section
Great Works of Rygar Fanart
Poetry of the Heart: A Short Story by Rygar

Grappling Hook
The Grapping Hook lets you climb up onto tree branches like George McFly and do some high quality peeping.

Wind Pulley
The Wind Pulley allows you to soar across ropes like an eagle might if he had no wings. Getting it to activate in the overhead areas can be tricky, so make sure you hear a clicking noise before attempting to cross any gaps, otherwise you will get an ultra foolish game over.

You might be having fantasies about shooting turtle men in the face with the Crossbow, but sadly this item is only used to create ropes between posts so you can cross them with the Wind Pulley.

Coat of Arms
With the Coat of Arms in tow, certain hermits will give you the gift of health Medicine.

Indora's Suit of Armor
Beefy though Rygar may be, he is not too proud to turn down some extra defense. Indora's Suit of Armor basically allows you to take less damage from monster attacks.

In Rygar, just like in real life, it is always a good idea to accept strange liquids from half naked old men. The Medicine will refill your life bar completely, although you can't obtain it until you've recovered the Coat of Arms.

Flute of Pegasus
The jams you create using the Flute of Pegasus are so wild that playing them will make even the dreaded Ligar lower a rope into his deadly fortress.

The Mind Up items appear occasionally after defeating an enemy. The single Mind Up will recover one bar worth of mind points, whereas the double will recover three.

Health Potion
The Health Potion is also sometimes dropped by defeated foes. It will recover on unit of your life bar.

Tone is a numerical rating of how much physical strength Rygar has based on how many enemies he's defeated. It's good to build up a high tone rating early on, as you'll be able to defeat minor enemies in fewer hits and avoid getting surrounded. Plus it makes boss battles that much easier.

As your Last points go up, you'll gain extentions to your life bar. There are set increments at which your life bar will increase, but I was never able to pinpoint the exact number of points required for each level up, all I can offer are some close estimates.

1st Upgrade= 50 pts. - 2nd= 100 pts. - 3rd= 200 pts. - 4th= 350 pts. - 5th= 500 pts. - 6th= 1000 pts. - 7th= 2000 pts. - 8th= 3000 pts. - 9th= 4000 pts.

Cost: 3 Mind Points

The Power-Up spell extends and strengthens the attack of your diskarmor. It's effects last until you get a game over.

Cost: 5 Mind Points
After casting Attack & Assail, your attacks will stike all on screen enemies from any distance. It only lasts for a short number of strikes, but it can be quite effective in getting some free hits in on bosses.

Cost: 7 Mind Points
Recover, as you might guess, grants you a full refill of your life bar. While it gets less and less useful as the game goes on, it can come in quite handy in early areas (Specifically the fight against Sagila).

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