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Rolpher was nestled comfortably underground watching Cheers until Rygar galivanted along and ruined his life. This one moves quickly, but he has a very simple attack pattern, so if you already need help at this point, I don't really know what to say except that I wish you the best in your difficult journey.

Turtle enemies are important in any game, and thankfully Rygar has them in droves. These bad bros. will come at you much like our friend "The ROLPHER," but they have one cunning trick; You have to croutch in order to hit them! GOOD LUCK

Phollorakos is a tougher adversary than those that appear prior, but I know you are a warrior bold enough to defeat his hypnotic strut. He might come at you from above, or to the left or right. A good strategy is to break his ribcage open with your diskarmor. He will try not to feel like an idiot afterwards, but guess what? He can't.

Hyoking appears when you first enter Garloz, the overhead area. Avoiding them is probably the best strategy; they don't provide you with much experience and they're generally pretty easy to dodge. Of course, making them explode with your death shield is always a viable option as well.

You may just want to put a helment on for this next part, lest your mind should be blown out the back of your skull:

Mighty Kinoble once lived as a man/
'Til an ever fowl wind blew cold through his land/
He now roams the praires as a malevolent oak/
Spreading despair under night's deadly cloak

I have volumes upon volumes of poetry written about haunted trees (EMAIL ME), so it was easy to modify one to fit old Kinoble here. He also appears later in the game with a stunning red mane.

Olbis will fly at Rygar's face with great disrespect for his personal safety. It's easy to get surrounded by a group of them due to their fast speed, so it would be optimal to build up a decent tone level before taking on any areas in which you might encounter this beast.

Another flying creature. Basically, they stand still until you approach, so you're given enough time to think out your attack before they get a chance to chew on you. If I ever encountered one in real life, my strategy would be to douse it him in gasoline until the fumes freaked him the fuck out (I don't think this is possible in the game, unless there's some code I've never heard of).

This little one remains completely stationary and fires projectiles which have an annoying tendency to knock you into a pit. I heard that their tears never dry.

This hot rodder flies through the air, keeping cool and chilling the souls of fools. According to the manual, the eggs he drops upon Rygar are that of a Snow Grouse. I hope this effectively curbs any "Oh ha he's dropping his poops on you" comments you might boil up while playing.

Basically a sprite swap of Rolpher. Looks similar to the bugs that spawned under my bed once when I went six months without cleaning my room.

Another sprite swap, this time of Pragokelis. Anything interesting to there is to say about them is well beyond my reach.

Buzz Bird
This furious friend is given no name in any offical documents, so I was allowed the distinct pleasure of naming him something appropriately Rygary. Then I got scared that I wouldn't be able to come up with anything as great as Deathpigor so I copped out and lazily named him Buzz Bird. Anyway, Buzz Bird is pretty much just another sprite swap, this time of Molgolin.

Living amongst the prehistoric demon beasts of Rygar's world is Bargan, the sky robot. They fire a nasty little crescent beam, but they're also a good source of Tone and Last points, so get in there like a real tough guy and make them weep.

German is an enemy you encounter in the second overhead section of the game (He also appears as a shadow monster in the last dungeon). He was once an ordinary human being living in our world, but when his game show concept was never picked up (It was basically a perverted version of Double Dare), he went insane and teleported himself into Rygar cartridges everywhere.


If you have ever wondered what it would be like if a cat and a turtle had eggs together (Who hasn't?), I'm sure you will be quite excited to encounter Eruga. I actually have planned on having an Eruga shaped cake at my wedding since I was a young lad. It would be baked using mountain magic rather than an oven. I expect the resulting marrige to last as long as it takes for my wife to get her citizenship.

Sagila has the appearence of a rejected Gwar prop, which saddens me that all you recieve for beating him is a crossbow rather than a full set of armor to make Rygar look like Oderous Urungus.

Belzar is a fleshy mass with big eyeballs that can peer into the darkness of your soul. Rygar is safe from this, however, as his soul is safely guarded by a thick shield of grease he built up from centuries of eating nothing but Slim Jims.

I like to think Dorago is actually a misunderstood hero character in the game. He appearently has kidnapped the daughter of one of the hermits you encounter, but would you really want to live in a single room (which contains nothing more than a bottomless pit and a tower) with your giant, shirtless father? I wouldn't. Anyway, you also encounter a shadow version of Dorago in the final dungeon.

"Though it moves slowly, it attacks Rygar by discharging acid mucus, yuk, yuk. Jump to turn it aside."

This is the manual's description for Kuzeelar. I don't think anything I could write would possibly beat that.

Demoro Bruzer
Demorobruzer is basically a dimetrodon with treads. I suspect that if he were not in Rygar, he would probably hang around with Rat Fink.

P.S: Rat Fink is amazing.

Deathpigor must like some real mellow tunes, as he is the guardian of the flute item you need to enter the final area. If only it were possible in the game to slay him by reciting my Kinoble poem over a haunting acoustic guitar riff, but sadly, it is not.


When another monster's heads extend from your hands, you know you're rough and buff. Such is the life of Ligar, the game's final boss. I don't know a good strategy to beat him, as I always finish the game with a tiny amount of health left, but a bad strategy would probably be to turn off your television and nibble at your controller until it is naught but a mangled pile of plastic.

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