Yo buddz reed ur favorite old updatez here beeyatch.

UPDATE #23 10/03/01

HI caliber updatz 2 day also thiz is monumental cuz it has onle ben 2 daze snce last updat cherrs!


bono where ru oh no he left

Suprise I was only hiding update 1 today is the long awaited WHOZE THA BITCH 15!!!

wow i cant believe it also updates is in videogames read the WALL STREeet kid review it's good for the lungs thanx -KD

UPDATE #22 10/01/01

HAY u shitz a whole load of new stuff up 2day but 1st how r u Bono.

You're not the only one, staring at the sun.

LOL off course not thatz y every1z seein spot LOL NEWayze you Pokenuts should check out PIDGEY'Z CELEBERTE BIOS if you know whats good for you.

Yes they are very funny hey have pidgey do one about me.

meybe d00d but only if you rite a song about 420 LOL ALSO check the pics and comics page there is a new contribourters section with a neuw pic from Dunken homstrome.

Get off my lawn


Update #21 8/29/01

hay fukkaz sorry it'z bean a while bono what's goin on

Just got back from slane castle and boy are my arms tired.

LOL anyway todaze update is fresh cause my main man CHOCO CAT put up a Big Brother 2 Will Kirby fan page so check it out.

In the name of love, what more in the name of love?

sorry man thaz the only update!

Mew mew thatz 2 bad fukkaz


Update #20 7/01/01

uh oh i gess it's been a while huh well NEwayze it was worth the wait cuz of an all new section as well as a new whoze tha bitch but first letz hear from bono

Lets go climb the JOSHUA TREE

Lets but first go check out whoze tha bitch 14 itz actually been up 4 a while but i didn't post about it so SAR-E

LOL i read it and I think the only time I've laughed harder is when larry told a joke about an albatross

I GUESS I HAVE that efffect on people also thear is a new section called PIX and COMIX check it out and look out 4 a special guest appearence by Alan Thicke

That's great killdozer I cant wait to  check it out



very well then -KD

Update #19 6/24/01

HAY MAYTEZ LOL JK welcom to our new hom at GEOCITIES hay this iz homstead: BOO HOO HOO WE NEED MONEY PLEZ HELP US  ANd heres me uh no cya fukkaz and heres them GOOD LORD OUR SITE IS NOTHING NOW

Thats the most beautiful thing I've ever heard

well u kno how the chips fall ay BONO

LOL you could say that but now we should move onto more pressing matters dont you think

of course bono I wouldn't just move into a new HOUSE withot SOM UPDAYTEZ

Updates like WHOZE THA BITCH 13

ah yes whoze tha bitch 13 THUG from ROB LOWE edition is stirring up troble with the newbiez but they dont tak it 2 KINDLY WHOZE THE BITCH made it hear in 1 piece and A FANTASTIC NEW BANNER so take a look also WTB 11 HAS A nue nam and bakcrgrond SO CHECK IT OUT WIMP

You forgot to mention that whoze tha bitch all stars was updated too.

sorry i wuz so excited yah what he sed also chek out celeverteye cohosts page for some new stuff AND ALSO tha storiy archiez r now in th storys section SO CHECK IT OUT ALSO PLEZ SIGN THE GUEST BOOK EVN IF YOU DID AT HOMSTEAD ITS EMPTY AND SO WILL BE MY HART IF U DONT SYNE IT THNX -KD

Update #18 6/17/01

hay maytez thiz is tha doza sor E i been out so long but it'z a rollercostar thiz world an i was on tha corkskrew LOL NEwayze wotz new 2day rob lowe

you changed the picture at the top of the page. brilliant!

yah man golf penguin was lik quak quuak plez gime a break an i wuz like hay man ok an we sawe molan roge it wuz awsom

i'll say i had a dream i was in moulin rouge.

yah an u woke up in a puddle LOL JK -KD

Update #17 5/20/01

LOL man LOL check it out i got hit # 420 so i tok a pic
check it out man

thats great killdozer, 420 forever

cram it poser thiz iznt an ANDREW DICE CLAY movie 2 many assholes 2 few bulletz LOL LOL

killdozer, aren't you gonna tell them about WHOZE THA BITCH 12

yah WHOZE THA BITCH 12 is up it kinda BLOWZ but that cant be helped thatz all 4 today -kd

Update #16 5/12/01

wow peepz been a while huh yah lotz ben goin on hear i went to prom and it wuz dope and people saw me and thay wuz like hay iz that sisco and than thay wera like yah and look behind him itz killdozer

i wish i couldve gone to prom

y didnt u

i had to stay at home and work on my costume for the KNIGHTS TALE premiere

lol u no tha real rezon is cuz thay dont want u having sex with anymore 15 year oldz NEwayze wot r tha updatez ROB

WHOZE THA BITCH ALL STARS catch up with your favorite whoze tha bitch players here

raw dude lol wot els

FINALLY, you reply to guestbook entries in GUESTBOOK REPLIES


Update #15 4/25/01

hay wazzup yawl besidez tha stylish beanie hat i havent updatz in a while cuz i wuz doin lotz of practiz 4 tha annual open school COLT 45 drinkin contezt last weakend an i emerged victoriuz ovar leo bickelhaupt whoze had alot of expericance wit COLT 45 if u get my drift so NEwayze i one that yah so rob lowe called in scik 2day so guezz whoze helpin out wit tha updatz thatz rite itz kitten of WHOZE THA BITCH fame wotz new kitten

mew mew hay fukkaz alwayze drink pabst blue ribbon this update was worth tha wait becauze 1 new whoze tha bitchez iz now up

yah thiz one iz by mah godson rob lowe so check it out itz a legeand wotz else iz up kitten

mew mew the moviez section has a reveiw of big mommas house 1 of my personal favoritz

yah check tht out one last thing kitten LOL

mew mew yes how could i forget check out tha videogmaez section for BAD DUDES

hahah bad dudez besidez me and bill paxton that iz

mew mew bill paxton diesd long ago

dear god i forgot -KD

Update #14 4/19/01

more updatez 4 u im lake a gift that kepz on givin LOL hay guezz wot i wuz at the tomy hilfiger stor to buy some underz and i saw some guy thear and he wuz like oh i need 2 get home 2 watch felicitiy and it wuz chet austin and he saw me and was like oh itz killdozer i better roll into a ball and cry ground control 2 major rob wot r tha updatez?

whoze tha bitch 11 is finally out, thank god

yah read whoze tha bitch 11 it haz an ALL STAR cast of whoze tha bitch legends as well az som fresh meat rob wot elze is new

my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this afternoon

hahah fukka u wish that wuz a dream

i wish it were real then my life would have meaning

lol if u had a kid it would B soooo ugly -KD

Update #12 4/18/01

yo yo yo yawlz wotz up n shitz not much hear newayze i updaytz tha site wotz new rob

whoze tha bitch 10 is new

brief but beautiful lol NEwayze seya next tyme LOL -KD

Update #11 4/15/01

hay happey easter every1 i hope tha easter bunney left u all pabst and bitchez LOL NEwayz i hav once again updatz my site so thare will b much rejoycing acroos tha land

killdozer, the updates today are truly the work of a god. our review of the hit movie BRIDGET JONE'S DIARY is so amazing, people should bleed to death from wounds of awe and amazement after reading it.

yah so checx out tha movie section an uL wanna see it 2 and than I also fixed tha lynk to my bycticle sotrey so u can read it if u want okay so have fun BY -KD

Update #10 4/14/01

lol lotz of fancee nwe updatz 2day thay r so hardcore thay r probly triple x rated not unlik tha movie staring emilio estevez and charlies sheen lol

killdozer, you've really outdone yourself this time. your latest story is brilliant

tanx rob i must admit BYCICKLE TRIUMPHS is a true mastarpece so check it out and than in and than out agin in THA STORYZ SECTION whatese is on tha agenada robert?

well, brilliance doesn't yield or stop in your latest food review, does it killdozer?

CERTAINLy nott rob check out my and tailz'z latest food review froot rool upz and csrambled egz its a syphillis court case waitign to happan

also, killdozer has put up a classy new guestbook so you can share your thoughts and feelings with him

yah syne it or ill personally shrink mieself climb in to ur bodee and eat ur hart LOL NEwayz thanx 4 vistiyng and OPEN SCHOOL WATER POLO RULEZ THA POOLEZ -KD

Update #9 4/11/01

LOL hay yawlz how wuz ur spring br8k mine wuz awsom it wuz filled wit bitchez n booze lol not i wish

killdozer my spring break was phenomenal i spent it all here reading your ribauld tales

OH GOD rob dnt sneak up on me lik that

killdozer you should tell everyone about the updates they are truely excellent

yah okay MOM lol NEwayz today I added a new storE to THA STORYZ section called tha ruffrydaz last stand itz another legend of greek mythology

thats not all killdozer and my old friend emilio did a review of the classic videogame NUTS AND MILK

yah its realy dope NUTS AND MILK is insande and also plez send me something if ur resading thiz i am so loneyl ill put NEthing up even if it blowz tha link to mah emial iz at the bottonm of taha page lynx. -KD

Update #8 4/6/01

2 updats in 1 day? no, you didnt't dies and go to KILLDOZER heaven NEwayz the updatz aren't 2 major but i put up whoze tha bitch 8 and 9 and what else rob lowe

here is killdozer's email if you want to send him anything, as long as it's no head boxes

yeah fukkaz so if you wantz to send NEthing in just email me itz at the bottomz of tha sectionz column motha fukkaz u can email me storez or food reviewz or pixx of precious momentz statuez

btw ruff ryderz ur numbers up see ya next monday killdozer will knock you all down! -KD

Update #7 4/6/01

OH NO I got a package from tha ruff ryderz and it said open up box u queer and i did and it had bill paxtonz head in it just like in tha moveii Josie and tha pussycats it was so horrifying but then i called rob lowe and he agrredd to take over so burn in hell bill paxton

i wholeheartedly agree

gr8 rob whatz tha updatez 2day

well whoze tha bitch 6 and 7 are up i laughed so hard at them my bladder exploded and my eyes started to bleed

hahha me too NOT lol well rob what elze is on tha agenda

killdozer, there is now an archives section so peeps can read your old updates and stories

rob you dolt yore forgeting something

oh yes the celeberty co host page is finally up much like the viewing audience will be after reading it

rob ur a king among men weel thatz all 4 today so enjoy and OPEN SCHOOL FIELD HOCKEY RULEZ THA FIELD! -KD

Update #6 4/3/01

werd fukkaz wotz goin on bill paxtonz gone missin again probly drinking booze out of some sort of large hat LOL probly

anywayz the updatz are WHOZE THA BITCH 4 & 5 check tham out they are lergendary ok bye.

Update #5 3/30/01

hey u rat sopu eatn motha fukkaz i updates mah page lol okay whatz nue on tha page bill


thnx bill, nobody doez it better baybee ur tha best. NEway billz rite tha storyz section iz up with tha story of tha ruff ryderz brawl that iz sure to go down in hiztory so CHECK ITZ OUT!!! bill waht elze is new?


ah yes bill thatz rite WHOZE THA BITCH 3: TIGER BEAT is tha latezt epic from my bran to ur scren so check it out it will make ur juaw drop to the floor and contract ghonnaria. anything else bill


lol whataver bill alwayz the kidder


hahaha ok lol whatever -KD

Update #4 3/27/01

HEY gang bills back in town hey bill




ok whatever man lol so whas new today u ask? well, i made a new videogame reveiw abot moonwalkar and than bill made a whoze tha bitch so tak alook at htat lol. so thatz all fro thiz update keep yous eyes peellled for zany new stuph.

Update #3 3/26/01

ok peeps bill paxtons out for the evening so we can be loud as we wanna be


ok lol now that were done bein loud letz get serious az if thatz even possible lol NEwayz i put up the new vidio gamez section and it has a review for samba de amigo with a suprize guest and also there is a new whoze tha bitch epic 4 u 2 read and i added ahit counter so i knw how many homiez are visitin tha page.


Update #2 3/25/01

YO homies keep yur voices low bill paxton is sleeping.


that's him lol

NE wayz todays update brings the foodreveiw section and a WHOZE THA BITCH story go find out WHOZE THA BITCH for your sake and my own LOL. FOOD review bringz us a dope new celeb host tails from sonic hte hadeghog hes gonna give us some classy recipies and reviews so keep your eyes peeled. there are also some dope new sections coming up but I've got a brawl coming up with tha ruff riders at the school rollerskating trip on thursday so they may not be added till the next weekend but enjoy whatz here for now biznitchez. it's gonna be tHURTsday for those ruff ryders goons. -KD

Update #1 3/ 24/01

OK HOmes now that wez got the funny bizniz outta the way lets get down to bizniz whatz on the agenda so to speak?

Oh ho ho looks like movie reviewz is comin up hard core watz the movie we be reviewin, Bill?


hey hey hey bill paxton picked out a winnar any movie with hulk hogan is a masterpice yoz.

ok so read me and billz review its a legend and drink some colt 45 so youze will be hard core bizznittch peace out -KD