CELEBERTY PAGE!!!! Yo yo yo peepz welcom to taa celeberE page whare we will keep track of all of our fun celebertE guest hostz like Emilio Estevez and WATCH oUT BEHIND YOU ITS A GHOST just kidding.

Emilio Estevez

Emilio iz tha co host of tha vidio gamez section he wuz in awesom moviez like tha breakfast club and men at work dont u forget about emilio estevez LOL ;) NEwayz emilio estevez wuz also in rated X which wuz a cool move cuz it had nude and swearz emilio eztevez one time workezd at mcdondaldz b4 big macz had special sase and then emilio said theze bergers need more flava and then tha boss wuz like yes and than emilio started to cry and then tha tears go ontha bergers and thus special sase wuz born.

Bill Paxton

bill paxton iz ded :( but we can keep hiz sprit alive in r heartz buy watchng gr8 moviez like Navy Sealz and Weird Scence also starrinz antony mikeal hall who wuz in tha breakfast club with emilio estevez and judd nelson :) bill paxton aslo iz tha mastermind behing the board game life and was tha inspariatin 4 lord licorish from candy land perhapz bill paxtonz finest work of all

Miles "Tails" Prower

tails iz a gorumet cook whoze fine recipiez like fish tacoz n' shasta and dog meat and egg casseroll have mad it in2 presteiguosu pulications such as Thug Life Quarterly and The New Yorker. one time i said to tailz yo tailz can i have a plate i dont like eating off of ur used copiez of Pregnant Hos and he sed what doez this look like a fancy feast comericial eat your damn corn and beans it wuz hilarious

Rob "The Thug Masta" Lowe

Rob lowe got left B-hynde at homstead unfortunatly NOT JK LOL newayze we miss hiz hilarioz brand of pranx lik tha time me an emilio wuz playin KONAMI KRAZY RACERS on our gam boy advances and than rob lowe cam in and wuz like guys some thug mugged me and stabbed me in the chest i need you to call the hospital im dying! SO i threw a towel at him and sed HEY fool ur getting blood all over my hard wood florz no go take a shower and shake it off! emilio LOLed really hard than rob lowe woke up in the bathtub 3 weekz l8r he was luck-E to b aliv but EMILIO and i wernt luck-E at all LOL

Paul David Hewson TRU THUG ALIAS: Bono

BONO is tha led singer of U2 no not you two U2 LOL JK NEwayze bono iz hear to bring back some of tha class rob took and mayB he will write a song for us like the sweetest thing but even if he doznt it wll B FAST TIMES AT KILLDOZA HIGH LOL hay bono is thear anything U wanna say?

Yes killdozer's krib is even better than the real thing.

LOL thatz good 2 hear!