Hey guys, it's me, Alan. No, not from Jurassic Park! Inspired by the now deleted cartoons of my good friend Al Roker (They might be gone, but believe me, they were a hoot!), I have decided to make a series of funnies myself, focusing on everyday issues we face. Killdozer was nice enough let me crash here, but not until after some bribery. Just kidding. Anywho, enjoy the comics and remember to wait 5 minutes between each one to avoid passing out from laughter!


Comments: They really do, don't they? I came up with this one during dinner with the wife. Thanks to Pat O' Brien of Access Hollywood fame for the pic!

Starbucks: The Final Frontier

Comments: Driving down the street the other day, I counted 2 Starbucks within 3 short blocks of each other. Naturally, I came up with this. Enjoy.

Traffic Panic!

Comments: It sure is a pain getting stuck in rush hour traffic, and sometimes the pain just keeps on Growing and Growing! ;)

Let's see how these two unlikely motorists handle the pressure of stop and go traffic.

I've had enough OJ!

Comments: This is an old one I did back in '95. It seemed like that trial would never end, didn't it! I did this comic to help vent the undying rage I felt over the OJ trail.

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