Storm Over The Desert

Not content with their games just being awful, the creators of Action 52 express their political views in Storm Over The Desert. Those being "I sure would like to run over Saddam Hussien with a tank." The thing is, when Saddam comes out, there's no real way of destroying him. If you shoot him, it goes right through him, and if you run into him, he just goes right through you. This confirms what I thought all along: He's a ghost! There are other tanks that you can destroy, and pretty easily too, as your tank can take a lot of damage. Too much, I'd say, since you'll want this game to end pretty quick.

It's also interesting that this is one of the few A52 games that has a title screen, which is so ugly I included it instead of a gameplay screenshot. I guess they figured the others weren't really worthy of one. They were right if that's what they thought.

Haunted Halls

Haunted Halls (Or Haunted Hill, as it's called on the selection screen) is another game on A52 that's not THAT bad when you put it in perspective. This could be because it is the only sidescroller on it that has normal jumping. That doesn't fix the fact that it's really boring though.

I believe that the premise of the game is that the A52 creator's dream woman got locked at the bottom of the Haunted Halls, and now has to find her way out by battling ghosts and floating skulls and whatnot. I'm sure he was hoping that when he beat it, she'd come to life like in Weird Science, but no dice, A52 guy. This one's really sticking it to Nintendo by using crosses as the main weapon. Charlie Chaplin is probably spinning in his grave so fast right now, he's drilling a hole right to the center of the earth. Not that that has anything to do with Haunted Halls.

Shooting Gallery

The oddest thing about Shooting Gallery is that you cannot die. You can just sit there and let the enemies fly around, but they won't do anything to you. Not only that, but the 1st level is pretty short, and when you beat it, the game freezes up. I'm pretty sure it's not the emulator, since it has done it on all three of the ones I used.

The premise of Shooting Gallery is that you have to brutally destroy all of the targets before they... well... do nothing for too long. There are both rabbit and duck targets, among others, making for even more exciting game play at every hairpin turn. Not really. The only game more boring than this is Perudo, and at least that had multi colored cups you could drink out of.

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